Donald Trump, Policy wonk?

Donald Trump, Policy wonk?–58h.,b58

Trump needed a “course correction- ” and suggested a turn to policy is in order. “It’s substance, hit the substance, hit the issues, and hit the issues It’s that are gold for you, globalization,  trade, immigration.

Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller told Lou Dobbs that Trump will be “doing a series of policy speeches getting into more detail about the issues that have animated campaign and have been at the center of this election,” including foreign policy. trade, and immigration. Other likely topics: education reform, the Supreme court and the rule of law. and strengthening the nation’s military.

But more problematic for Trump is the fact that on most matters of policy, he has no idea what he’s talking about. Consider trade, an issue that has indeed animated Trump’s campaign. and one with which he might assumed to be conversant. In January. Trump told the New York Times that he favors enormous new tariffs on Chinese goods. “The only power that we have with China is massive trade. I would tax China on products coming in, Trump said. I would do a tariff yes–and they do it to us. Then he got specific: “I would do a tax, and the tax, let me tell you what the tax should be. The tax should be 45%.

China is ripping us on trade. They’re devaluing their currency and they’re killing our companies. Thousands of thousands—you look at the number of companies and the number in terms of manufacturing of plans that we’ve lost—50,000 because of China. We’ve lost anywhere between four and seven million jobs because of China. What I said then was, “We have very unfair trade with China. We’re going to have a trade deficit of $505 billion this year with China.” A lot of that is because they devalue their currency. What I said to the New York Times is that “we have great power, economic power over China, and if we wanted to use that and the amount— where the 45 percent comes in, that would be the amount they saw their devaluations that we should get.” What I’m saying is this. I’m saving that we do it but if they don’t start treating us fairly and stop devaluing and let their currency rise so that our companies can compete and we don’t lose all of these millions of jobs that we’re losing, I would certainly start taxing goods that come in from China. Who the hell has to lose $505 billion a year?

Trump, coming full circle, went well beyond the 45 percent tariff he’d proposed (and denied proposing) to the Times. “I’m totally open to a tariff. If they don’t treat us fairly, hey, their whole trade is tariffed.

So Trump says he’ll rebuild the U.S. military and in the next sentence says he will cut military spending. He opposes entitlement reform and promises not to raise taxes hut says he can    eliminate $19 trillion in U.S. debt in eight years. He’s been for and against amnesty, for and against changes to abortion law, for and against fighting ISIS, for and against outsourcing, for  and against H-IB visas, for and against the Dream Act,  for and against single payer health care, for and against the Obamacare mandate, for and against gun control, and on and on.


source-weekly std., stephen hayes, nyt, fred ryan


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