Stupid Quotes from guess who-

Stupid Quotes from guess who—39h.

the world has too many workers—the Washington post

the world may have too much food–Bloomberg

this may shock you: Hillary Clinton is fundamentally HONEST–Jill Abramson

she does get more scrutiny, we for some reason expect total purity form a woman candidate–Jill Abramson

She walked by and she shook by hand and our eyes connected and I just remember having this moment where I thought; Wow this is amazing and it just inspired me. you know I still remember the look of her face. And it’s funny but I remember thinking oh my God she’s so beautiful and she’s so little–Huma Abedin

If you’re going to be in public life, you have to have thick skin, I have developed a thick skin.  Anybody who’s interested, I have great creams for it.  It does get really, really leathery form time to time–Hillary

I am so sick, I am so sick, of the Sanders campaign lying about me.  I’m sick of it.–Hillary

there’s classified and then there’s classified–Obama

Clinton is a super-prepared warrior realist–she is a cauldron tested globalist—new york daily news

Libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn’t lose a single person—Hillary

There isn’t a President whose taken more terrorist off the field that me over the last seven and half years–Obama


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