He’ll do it his way–Don’t expect a New Trump-

He’ll do it his way–Don’t expect a New Trump–58h.,b58

Trump will give a few speeches on major issues with presidential-level trappings—teleprompters, prepared texts, invited audiences. He’s preparing one on the Supreme Court, a successor to Justice Antonin Scalia. and judges. Others are likely to focus on infrastructure and the scandals at the Veterans Administration.

But that’s about it in the boring department. No effort is being drawn up to create a New Trump akin to the New Nixon a half-century ago. When Trump learned Paul Manafort, his convention chief and top adviser, had talked to Republican officials about a change in his style, he nixed the idea instantly.

Trump is viewed unfavorably by seven out of ten women in opinion polls, but there’s no special event to  appeal to women planned by his campaign. Nor is there a Hispanic event on Trump’s schedule, though his unfavorable rating among Hispanics, potentially a pivotal voting bloc, is sky-high.

Trump’s speeches aren’t “designed to speak to one demographic,” Lewandowski he told me. He delivers the same message to everyone. As for party unity. regarded as essential to winning the presidential race. Trump insists he can win without it. Based on his minimal effort (so far) to unify the Republican party, he seems  to believe this.

Lewandowski to mentioned the recent endorsements of Trump by Senate majority leader or Mitch McConnell and Republican senators Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Mike Lee of Utah. And he suggest Trump’s fundraising has a unifying effect. We are raising money for down-ballot races,” he says, as well as for GOP outfits.

He is very good at “shrinking his opponents'” Gingrich says.

One adviser says Trump’s strategy will run a “scorched earth” campaign like those waged successfully by Republican senator Jesse Helms in North Carolina. Helms put far more pressure on his Democratic foes than they had imagined possible. His aim will be to make Clinton’s already low ratings on honesty and trustworthiness even lower. Can he pull this off? I wouldn’t rule it out. “He likes to compete,” Gingrich says. Trump will also have to tend to his own favorability, which is lower than hers.

What Senator Bernie Sanders. Clinton’s rival for the Democratic nomination, , has shied away from Trump intends to exploit. Sanders attacked her highly paid speeches to Wall Street firms and how they affected her willingness to crack down on misdeeds by the financial industry. Clinton is a broad, soft, and rich target. There is so much to attack that it may be difficult for Trump to decide what to single out. There’s the Clinton Foundation, its donors, and what was done for them even as Clinton was secretary of state. That’s an under-publicized scandal. There are her private mails that exposed top-secret national security information, now under criminal investigation by the FBI. Her husband Bill Clinton’s philandering and her role in preventing his paramours from speaking out publicly is sure to be worked over by Trump.

Cushman noted that Trump has no interest in leading the Republican party. That’s a positive trait. “Trump is interested in leading the nation—for All Americans.

He happens to be a Republican, but his goal is to win the presidency—not to manage the party.” tic When Trump says “America First,” it  means he’s putting the country “above party, above other nations, and that’s why voters love him.

source–weekly standard, newt, paul manafort, jackie gingrich cushman.


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