Donald J. Obama-

Donald J. Obama–58h.,b58

On April 26, Trump’s speech is in fact predictably unimpressive. The parts of it that are true are utterly unoriginal and strikingly superficial regurgitations of conventional conservative criticisms of the Obama administration, presented in a simple-minded way. There are also vague platitudes about America and the world indistinguishable from those that inhabit most such speeches.

Thus Trump’s vague invocation of “America First” without being willing to explore the implications of this historically charged phrase. Thus Trump’s de facto appeasement of dictators without going out of his way to express sympathy with them. Thus Trump’s hostility to intervention around the world without considering the consequences of nonintervention. Thus Trump’s contempt for any attempt to foster freedom or democracy around the world without a willingness to acknowledge what kind of world he would thus be inviting.

But there is a president whose policies Donald Trump’s would in fact resemble: Barack Obama. No intervention against dictators? Check. No action to prevent mass slaughter? Check. Another reset with Putin’s Russia to break what Trump calls the “cycle of hostility” for which the United States and Russia are apparently equally responsible? Check. “Getting out of the nation-building business, and instead focusing on creating stability in the world”? Check! Trump’s agenda turns out to be Obama’s all-too familiar agenda of national retreat masked by a rhetoric if America First bellicosity.

Obama never claimed he would make America great again. With him we more or less knew what we were getting *- WHY DON’T YOU TELL US WHAT THAT WAS WEEKLY STANDARD?

But of course we also know what we’d be getting with Trump: a man who has never lifted a finger for America’s well-being, let alone America’s greatness. If Donald Trump succeeds Barack Obama as president, we will have two parties committed to an agenda of national decline.


source-weekly stqandard,


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