The elephant in the room

The elephant in the room–Trump is right about political correctness–58h.,b58

Trump is succeeding we’re told, because he appeals to angry voters. Trump has hit on important issues—immigration, the economy, appeasement unlimited–in ways that appeal to voters emotionally.

Political correctness. Trump hasn’t made it a campaign theme exactly, but he mentions it often with angry disgust.

Political correctness is the biggest issue facing America today. Even Trump has just barely faced up to it. The ironic name disguises the real nature of this force, which ought to be called invasive leftism or thought-police liberalism or metastasized progressivism.

The old-time American mainstream, working- and middle-class white males and their families , is mad as hell about political correctness and havoc made worse by the flat refusal of most serious Republicans to confront it.

We are fighting Islam terrorism, but the president won’t even say Islamic terrorism.”  It sounds like a joke–but it isn’t funny. It connects straight to other problems that terrify America’s nonelites, people who do not belong (or whose spouses or children don’t belong) to the races or groups that are revered and protected under p.c. law and theology.

Mainstream reporters can’t see the crucial importance of political correctness because they are wholly immersed in it, can’t conceive of questioning it; it is the very Stuff of their thinking, their heart’s blood. Most have been raised in this faith and have no other. Can you blame them if they take it for granted?

Bureaucrats have been ordered by those on high to  put their p.c. principles into practice, and the character of American government is changing.               The IRS attacks conservative              groups—and not one IRS worker has the integrity or guts to resign on principle, not one. Political correctness is a creed, and the creed holds that American conservatives are ignorant, stupid and evil. This has been the creed for a  generation, but people are angry now  because we see, for the first time, political correctness powering an administration and a federal bureaucracy.

It’s a gigantic, terrifying problem—and no other candidate even mentions it. Christians are persecuted, enslaved, murdered in the Middle East, but the Obama regime is not interested. In a distant but related twist, Obama orders Christian organizations to dispense contraceptives whether they want to or not.

Christianity created this nation. But p.c. people don’t know history. Don’t even know that there is any.

Today, boring-vanilla Americans are forced to atone for crimes committed before they were born. Radically different levels of violence; same underlying class-warfare principle. Many white male job-seekers have faced aggressive state-enforced bigotry their whole lives. In New Haven (whites and Hispanics) pass a test for promotion that is peremptorily thrown in the trash after the fact because no blacks scored high enough.

Only Trump has the common sense to mention the elephant in the room. Naturally he is winning. Europe never has been comfortable with democracy Worst of all its crimes is what invasive leftism has done to our schools.

Trump’s unprivileged, unclassy supporters understand that their children are filled full of leftist bile every day at school and college. These parents don’t always have the time or energy to set their children straight. But they are not stupid. They know what is going on.

source-weekly standard (2/29/16, david gelernter.


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