Exposing Terrorism:

Exposing Terrorism:—1gh.,b5


Our military and law enforcement, in the name of fighting terror, are being asked more and more to engage in activities which violate their oath of office to the Constitution, specifically our which violate their oath of office to the Constitution, specificity our Bill of Rights.

The terrorist carrying out the act may not even be aware of what is really behind his deed and he may perform his mad act thinking one thing while only his handlers are aware of the real purpose behind it. Terrorism accomplishes one of two primary goals: 1) changing the body of people actually in power: the government; or 2) facilitating a change in the policy and/or the system of the existing government. The latter almost always is the opposite of the stated intent of “liberating the people.” Rather, it is to make the government more totalitarian. It is the process of using terror to condition the people to allow more government for safety’s sake. Having the German people accept total government in response to the contrived national emergency.

There was plan already in place to use once the act was carried out. ‘Once the Bolsheviks had total control, any pretext based on terrorism was dropped and the gulag system of concentration camps replaced it. Other lesser examples include real or contrived crises that media and government invent to create demand for solutions that do not involve terror but do invoke fear. The solutions offered are more government intrusion into the marketplace or into the lives of the people, or both. Recent examples in the U. S. include the banking crisis and debate over health care.

The goal must have been to alter the policies of our government and have the people accept them.  ”Often, there are two aspects of the goal when the object is to change government policy: a) to provide the excuse for a government clampdown, as in the examples of Germany and Russia; and b) to set the stage for a complete change in the form of government from what exists to what is desired. They are usually interrelated, as they were in the case of what occurred in Germany.

Osama bin Laden, ostensibly the leader of al-Qaeda, made a revealing statement shortly after 9/11 that gives a clue to the basic reasoning behind the attack. He boasted: The battle has moved to inside America.. .I tell you. freedom and human rights in America are doomed. The U.S. Government will lead the American people and the West in general into an unbearable hell choking life. ‘

It is to frighten the American people into standing still while our own government becomes more onerous and, in the name of security, clamps down on the basic freedoms we have always enjoyed. These are the freedoms our government was originally founded to protect.  The revelations of KGB defector Col. Alexander Litvinenko. He stated that Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the second in command of al-Qaeda under Osama bin Laden, was a trained Russian asset of the KGB/FSB. So widely coordinated was it that many in the intelligence community believe that the size and scope were too big for it to have been handled independently by al-Oaeda and that state-sponsored intelligence operations had to have been involved.

The link between al-Qaeda and Russia is real. And in most cases of terrorism, as with al-Qaeda, it is masked behind Islam.” No one deals with the manufacture, sales, and shipment of arms that is not regulated by a state. Arms dealers aside, when we see terrorists with Russian or Chinese arms, at some point the Russian or Chinese government is involved.  Russian and Chinese weapons all weaponry in these other countries is manufactured in government¬ owned and government-operated facilities. Their products are not sold or given to anyone without government knowledge.      The fact that almost all terrorist groups are armed with Russian and/or Chinese weapons is not a coincidence.

The Bolsheviks inherited much of this covert organization and honed their skills in subversion and espionage, using these abilities ultimately to communize much of Europe and Asia. After World War, Russia’s communists built a world-wide terrorist organization. Its many branches were run by Moscow but made to appear at the street level as disorganized, independent operations.

The technique employed had the KGB use a surrogate state, the Bulgarian secret police for instance, to operate a terrorist group inside a third country such as Turkey. This newer group would then carry out acts of terror in a fourth country. Such a procedure created layers of deniability and Moscow could play the game of cooperation internationally while actually running the terrorist show.  “it has long been the objective of Moscow to use any and all means to fool people and pull them into their orbit, regardless of the label placed on the political system. Such is the current situation regarding Moscow’s use of Islam. In 1981 address to the 26th Congress of the Communist Party the Communist Party of The Soviet Union, he said: a liberation struggle can be waged under the banner of Islam,  A “liberation struggle” has always been a euphemism in their lexicon for communist revolution.

The Russian KGB/FSB has added another layer of deniability that increases the possibility of creating conflict among people leading to more opportunities for Russia to negate the influence of America among the nations of the world. This new layer of deniability has been to make terrorism appear to be entirely Muslim in origin.

Examples abound of the communist terrorists of the 1960s and 1970s becoming clerics in the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish religions. Selling Marxism disguised in religious clothing became common. Most of the terrorists donning clerical clothing became Muslims. The most famous communist terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal became a leading promoter of radical Islam. In addition, great pains were taken to hide the communist or Russian sponsorship of key terrorist leaders. Always, the goal sought was to promote the idea that the aim of the terrorists was to install a Muslim government.

Individuals and organizations, such as Yasser Arafat and Hamas, have always had deep ties to the Russian KGB. The facade erected around each has been a Palestinian homeland, not a communist enclave. To be successful, terrorists or their handlers must also have allies within the government they seek to change. This has to be true in America or we must have the dumbest people in the world leading, for instance, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Muslims, foreign-born Russians, and others, are inside American aircraft as cleaners, baggage and food handlers, even aircraft flight personnel. Not to mention illegal aliens. We are talking about American airports and companies. We have also been told by security personnel that these people are not screened as much as the passengers. Is this stupidity or something worse?

If the purpose of terrorism is to alter America so it becomes a less-free country, then the Patriot Act and how it was passed takes on a greater significance. For the 342-paged Patriot Act had already been written beforehand and then submitted to Congress within hours of 9/11. It was then passed without a single congressman reading it in its entirety. Most congressmen did not even see it prior to the vote. Amendment I states that no law can be made “abridging the freedom of speech.” Yet one may not express his opinion about being searched and anyone who does can be detained for “attitude.’  Every time a TSA agent scans or physically searches your person or your possessions, he violates your rights protected by this portion of the Constitution. In addition, you are not allowed to carry money over a certain amount when you travel or you will be detained and the money might be confiscated.

The question must be asked, if we are witnessing the above mentioned actions now, what new measures will be initiated in the name of another terrorist attack? And, another? Until our Bill of Rights is so eroded that we have lost it? One can argue the necessity for measures to protect the people or to catch a terrorist or criminal, but only on a very temporary basis, and usually only localized. The violations of the Bill of Rights across the entire country in the name of the war on terror have been ongoing for almost a decade, three more years than the number the United States was involved in World war 1 and world  War II combined.

The manner in which the Patriot Act was brought before the Congress, when DHS was created, and the pressure placed on our representatives to pass it without enough time to read it, makes obvious the existence of a plan already in place to implement once a major terrorist attack had taken place. Whoever was responsible for it did not want the contents debated.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano stated, “We will always live in a terrorist environment. Terrorism “is something that we just have to be prepared to live with…. We need to do all we can to mitigate the risk. But that means individuals undergo certain amount of inconvenience at times.’

Benjamin Franklin once admonished the American people as follows: Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. “He has combined with others to subject us to Jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution….” The latter grievance will become real if the plan to bring our nation under the jurisdiction of the UN’s International Criminal Court (ICC) is completed. Also, members of the Supreme Court are boldly and openly basing their decisions on foreign Iaw rather than U.S. law. Sandra Day O’Connor, no longer serving within the Court, continues to be a significant proponent of this trend. She Stated as far back on October 28,2003: “I suspect that over time we will rely increasingly … on international and foreign courts in examining domestic issues.

On both the national and the international levels there is a push to merge our country into something called the New World Order (NWO) — their words, not ours. So we come to the interrelated aspect of altering the policies of government: actual change in the form of government.

Such luminaries as diverse as Henry Kissinger, George Bush the Elder, Vice President Biden, Fidel Castro, Gorbachev, and the Chinese Communist publication China Daily have called for the NWO in the name of establishing peace and in response to the spread terrorism.

The NWO is actually a plan to merge the United States into a one world government under the United Nations. In the process, we would lose our independence and become only one vote in a world parliament. Only having one vote, we would find ourselves taxed to death since we are the richest country in the world. Also, we would lose our Bill of Rights and other constitutionally protected freedoms.

Interestingly, Kissinger has been named to a Vladimir Putin established committee to fight terrorism, a supposedly joint Russian and American citizens’ group. Kissinger is co-chairman and heads the American section. Yevgeny Primakov, former head of the KGB who at one time personally oversaw the use of communist Islamic terrorists. is the Russian co-chair.

In addition to the Putin-Kissinger-Primakov committee, we know that former heads of the CIA and KGB are working together to solve the “problem of terrorism.” How much did they cooperate before they left their official positions? We do not know, but we do know, for instance, that the FBI computers in Washington, D.C. were networked with computers in FBI offices in Moscow and Kiev prior to 9/11. Establishing these offices of the FBI in Russia and the Ukraine was done at the time using the excuse of cooperating in the fight against international crime and the war on drugs — much of which is managed by the KGB/FSB-controlled Russian “mafia.”

Contrary to public pronouncements, terrorism is coordinated by Moscow. Our intelligence bureaus are saying terrorism is Muslim and its personnel then sit at the same table with Moscow. They have even established working relationships with Moscow.

We are achieving a new strategic relationship. The era in which the United States and Russia saw each other as an enemy or strategic threat has ended. We are partners and we will cooperate to advance stability, security and economic integration, and to jointly, counter global challenges and to help resolve regional conflicts.

Partners? Economic integration? How can one be partners with Putin? As to economic integration, this means the banking system first, gradually involving the daily business that we all engage in. It reminds one of the words of the government researcher for the Reese Committee in the House of Representatives, Norman Dodd, when he quoted the head of the Ford Foundation, H. Rowan Gaither, as stating that the goal was to “alter our life in the United States [so] that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.” As stated earlier, in order for terrorism to be successful, the terrorists must have allies within the targeted governments.

Are there problems concerning the religion of Islam and the American system of government? The answer is obvious if the proper American relationship between church and state is considered. In a radical Islamic state, the “church” is the state, as in Iran.

Let us leave you with a final thought: If the terrorism we see is Islamic, why therefore are the vast bulk of terrorist acts against Muslims? The bomber may be Muslim, being used by his handlers. but the higher you go in the terrorist organization, the less it is Islamic and the more it is, again, a grab for power. This was the case a thousand years ago with the so-called Muslim organization called the Assassins and it remains the same today.

“Islamic terror is aimed at the average Muslim, who in the end will suffer in the name of radicalizing Islam to eliminate the “infidel.” In the end, it will be raw power whether it is run from Moscow, Mecca, or some other one world center. The solution to modem terrorism is to understand what is behind it and then pressure Congress to make the right decisions, both in fighting terror and standing by the Constitution no matter what the temptation may be to do otherwise.

Cease giving our tax dollars through foreign aid, and our diplomatic recognition, to organizations and regimes that support terrorism. The same approach applies to our supposed “allies” in the War on Terror who are in reality state sponsors of terror. Their activities must be widely exposed.

American troops must be brought home from any and all unconstitutional wars or “peacekeeping” missions under the UN. The U.S. must target specific terrorist leaders, groups, and terror-sponsoring states with specific operations, not full military invasion.

Ayman al-Zawahiri played a key role in directing the radical Islamist/communist forces in the Balkans during the 1990s. He operated out of Sofia, Bulgaria, a major KGB intel/terror-training center for decades that is still a KGB/FSB stronghold.

Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi (who was also former head of the European Commission) was a top KGB asset in Europe; as an investigator/consultant for Italy’s Mitrokhin Commission, KGB asset Prodi was probing and exposing alleged KGB-FSB agent Alexander Talik’s dealings with Russian Mafia kingpin Semyon Mogilevich and the sale of Soviet weapons, including nuclear material, to al Qaeda (was the investigation complete if Prodi was involved? not only al Qaeda’s second-in-command, al-Zawahiri, but also its top field commander in Afghanistan, Juma Namangani, was a KGB agent. Namangani, was an elite Soviet Uzbek paratrooper, was trained at the KGB’s Saboteur Training Center, now run by the FSB.

Ayman Al-Zawahiri, number two under Osama bin Laden in al-Qaeda. Exposed as a Russian-trained asset of the KGB/FSB by the KGB/FSB defector Lt. Col. Alexander Litvinenko. Other evidence confirms this.

Hezbollah.. Its original overseer was Dr. Mahdi Chamran Savehi, who had established a violent Marxist front known as the Muslim Student’s Association of America while a student in California.

Iran. Has very close ties to Russia. China and other major communist states including Cuba and Venezuela.

Hosts summits of terrorist organizations which include openly communist terrorist groups. One such summit resulted in the formation of Hezbollah. Their form of government is called Red Shiism by some, a synthesis of communism and Shia Islam which was developed by Persian Marxist Ali Shariati and the Chamran brothers.

Iraq. Ruled by the Dawa Party which was headquartered in Teheran, Iran, while Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq, hosted by the Iranian revolutionary government. The first president of Iraq under U.S. occupation traveled to Iran to lay a wreath at the grave of the Ayatollah Khomeini immediately after his election to head Iraq.

The Muslim Brotherhood. Uses the examples of the French Revolution, Marx, and Lenin as their template. Their community involvement is patterned after the program conceived by the American leftist revolutionary, Saul Alinsky.

Hizb ut-Tahrir al Islami (The Islamic Liberation Party). A global Sunni network, with supposed links to al-Qaeda. Active in the U.S., its July 2(X)9 conference in Chicago was titled, “The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam.” The organization is a fusion of Marx and Mohammed, or Islamo-Leninism.

We must reiterate that the problem of such “wolves in sheep’s clothing” includes people who became Christian and Jewish clerics as well. The communist dominated Students for a Democratic Society told their radical leaders in the 1980s to adopt pin-stripped suits and infiltrate middle class organizations to better carry out their revolutionary aims.

The New World Order is a term used by those who advocate it; it is not a term invented by those who oppose it.  Boiled down to its basic elements, the NWO is a world government under socialism. This can be confirmed simply by looking at the steps they advocate or implement in any program they support.

What we see is that persons who advocate a change in our government have been elevated to positions of high responsibility, not only those named above, but many who started out as street agitators as in the case of Ben Chavis noted in Appendix II. These are only a few examples since they fit the theme and size restrictions of this booklet. There are many, many more.

After landing at Sea-Tac airport in Seattle and as I was leaving the airplane, there were four women waiting on the jet bridge to board the aircraft and clean it. They were dressed in Muslim garb. Indeed, two of the women had every part of their face and body covered in the Islamic manner showing only their eyes. You could not tell if these two were actually women.

At another airport, I witnessed a team of Russian immigrants going on board to clean an aircraft. How did I know? They were speaking Russian amongst themselves. I asked the gate attendant if this was a concern to her and she replied that it was.

In Newark, I had to present my photo ID and boarding pass to a woman TSA official who was dressed in the Muslim burqa from head to toe.

The burqa was TSA blue.One problem that I read about in the Chicago Tribune was that the immigration service raided O’Hare airport searching for and finding a number of illegal aliens working in sensitive areas whom they then arrested. In the process, they discovered that a company providing security at O’Hare had 111 out of 134 security personnel wearing badges that did not match who they were!





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