Muslim ‘Court’ Arrested For What Police Call Most ‘Barbaric Act’ On Liberal Teen

Muslim ‘Court’ Arrested For What Police Call Most ‘Barbaric Act’ On Liberal Teen–7gh., b61

A council of at least 15 Muslim men has been arrested and charged in the horrific honor killing of a liberal teen girl.

After an unofficial court of Muslim councilmen decided that a liberal 16-year-old girl had broken Islamic law, they ruled to exact a gruesome religious punishment. When police stumbled upon the horrific scene and found what was left of the young girl, they knew exactly why the council had brutally disciplined the teen in what they are calling the most “barbaric attack” they’ve ever seen.

Because they are required to live by their own set of laws, and because many countries haven’t yet fully conformed to this demand, Islamic courts are popping up all over the world and delivering religious justice. These courts appear under many different identities and interpretations, but the goal is the same — prosecute offenders of Islam and issue appropriate sentences that the national justice system has failed to provide.

As the demand for Sharia law grows in Pakistan, along with its staggering Muslim population, authorities are finding that their method of justice is outnumbered and widely contested. At 97 percent, Pakistan’s Muslim population has often celebrated the actions of Islamic terrorists and protested the legislation of women’s rights, giving a glimpse of the reality of Islam as it was meant to be.

The Independent reports that a young girl was brutally honor killed by a Muslim jirga, a tribal court of elders who come together to enact Islamic law. Fifteen-year-old Ambreen’s crime was helping a neighbor girl elope with her boyfriend, an offense that the jirga and local community saw as inexcusable.

The 15-member Muslim council reportedly ruled that the girl should be put to death for aiding in the unapproved marriage, so they kidnapped her, drugged her, and burned her alive.

The jirga “took her to an abandoned place outside the village and made her unconscious by injecting her with some drugs,” district police chief Saeed Wazir said. “Then they seated the girl in a van in which the couple had escaped. They tied her hands to the seats and then poured petrol on her and the vehicle. I hadn’t seen such a barbaric attack in my whole life.”

Some media reports that the teen was strangled or unconscious from the drugs when her body was burned, but it’s unclear whether she became conscious during the gruesome ordeal. All that investigators found was the charred skeleton of the young girl in the same van in which she helped the couple elope.

We went to the place and found three vehicles parked next to each other that were burned,” a local official told the BBC. “In one of them we saw a body. We couldn’t recognise her then. But found a few bangles on one of her arms establishing that this was a woman’s body.”

At least 15 members of the jirga have been arrested and charged in Ambreen’s death, and many have confessed to carrying out the murder, which was an effort to restore the family’s honor.

“The accused confessed during the investigation that a few months back Saima, a schoolgirl from the same village and tribe, eloped with her boyfriend and Ambreen facilitated their frequent meetings and later their elopement,” he said.

Still, the liberal media has attempted to twist the undeniable truth for their own bias means. CNN is blatantly denying that this gruesome murder was an honor killing, simply because the girl’s family claims they were not involved. Even though the police have confirmed that this was an honor killing, the liberal rag sides with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in order to pander to their Muslim audience.

Try as they might, CNN and the rest of the self-hating progressive media have trouble admitting that this is absolutely Islamic, not only statistically but also fundamentally. Ignoring the fact that 91 percent of honor killings worldwide are committed by Muslims, they have no problem equally turning a blind eye to the written commands of Muhammad and Allah.

Regardless of the left’s support, Pakistan’s Muslims continue to perpetuate the cycle of Islamic brutality, moving closer to the full implementation of Sharia law. One of these major steps was the recent opposition of the Protection of Women Against Violence Bill, which hoped to defend women’s rights. Thousands of Muslims gathered to protest this legislation, declaring that it is their religious right, as modeled by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, to beat and kill disobedient women.

All the left has done in their race to promote tolerance and multiculturalism is allow the most intolerant culture to intimidate and subjugate all others to their own supremacy. Incredibly, liberals have yet to realize that their support of Islam is assisting in their own elimination, as Sharia swiftly eradicates every value they hold important.

source–dom the conservative, mad world, cnn,


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