Cain: ‘Fool-Aid’ Drinkers’ ‘Violent Riots’ Pure Anti-Trump Intimidation

Cain: ‘Fool-Aid’ Drinkers’ ‘Violent Riots’ Pure Anti-Trump Intimidation–58fh.,b58

Friday’s California protests against Donald trump are nothing more than well-organized intimidation to “strike fear” into Trump supporters, former presidential candidate Herman Cain said Saturday on Fox and Friends Weekend.

Cain made his comments a day after saying protesters have been drinking “Fool-Aid” and that Trump’s supporters would respond to the well-orchestrated violence by working harder than ever for the Republican presidential front-runner.

“These are violent riots, pure and simple,” Cain said Saturday. “And they are intended to strike fear into the hearts of Trump supporters and smear his campaign. That’s all it is.”

Friday’s protest was “well-organized,” Cain said, noting some protesters made hotel reservations long ago. “Somebody had to pay for it.”

“All of the people that have been anti-Trump, they’ve thrown everything at him to bring him down, except the kitchen sink. Well, this is the kitchen sink and I think it’s going to backfire also.” “Those protesters have drank the ‘Fool-Aid,’” Cain said Friday. “That’s why they are there, talking about ‘Stop Hate.’ This isn’t about hate.”

He said Trump’s appeal grows stronger with every protest, as do his supporters.

“They’re not going to be scared off,” Cain said. “It’s not going to diminish the appeal of Donald Trump; it’s going to enhance the appeal of Donald Trump.”

Saturday, Cain called the #NeverTrump movement “frustrating,” and voiced hope the party would unite behind Trump.

“Donald Trump represents the voice of a whole lot of people,” he said. “Accept it.”

source-jack davis, herman cain, western journalism


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