For generations, the IRS has held most hated government agency. Its title is now in jeopardy. Last week the Washington Post had a short metro item  about the sad state of affairs of the Memorial Bridge and the National Park Service

Last spring, for instance,  chief administrator Jonathan : B. Jarvis held a press conference on the bridge, warning that if taxpayers didn’t pony up, his agency might  close the bridge to vehicle traffic entirely within six years. You may recall Jarvis’s name, He’s the Obama appointee who, during the budget showdown of 2013, eagerly shut down every national  park in America in order to further the Obama administration’s claims about Republican dereliction of duty. And Jarvis didn’t just shut down parks that the NFS spent manpower working on. He sent staffers to erect barriers around unstaffed sites—such as the World War II Memorial in Washington—so ft that citizens couldn’t visit them. He sent officers to Claude Moore Colonial Farm, a site privately funded and run, and ordered it to close down under pain of arrest. He sent members of the National Park Service to block off scenic  overlooks near Mount Rushmore to prevent anyone driving by from being able to see the monument.

The cost of fixing the Memorial Bridge is estimated to be $250 million. The Park Service was supposed to apply  for a $150 million in funding from the federal FASTLANE, a hyper-competitive program that has $800 million to grant to important transportation programs as of April l4,theNPS still hadn’t submitted its application. The deadline was that night. Worse Still, applications require cooperation from state and local partners, and the NPS did not reach out to D.C. and Virginia officials until just a few days before. The story in the Post was one of abject panic from local lawmakers—every last one of them a Democrat—who were amazed at the NPS’s incompetence’s.

source–weekly standard (4/25/2016)


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