Rhymes with Witch–

Rhymes with Witch–                                        39H

Researchers have confirmed a phenomenon found among certain women that’s called — and I am not making this up are “Resting Bitch Face.” RBF. It’s defined as you’d expect: an unsmiling expression of contempt, superiority, and irritation. As reported by CNN, behavioral neuroscientists Abbe Macbeth and Jason Rogers from Noldus Information Technology discovered that most people attempting an expressionless face will register on the company’s FaceReader software as 97 percent neutral. But for those with Resting Bitch Face, the software registers twice as much measurable emotion. According to CNN, “most of the emotion expressed  is of contempt: the feeling that something is worthless or deserving scorn.” Says researcher Macbeth, “[T]here’s something that is unconsciously showing up on people’s faces when people think they are just being neutral.” No doubt government will bring this to the next level: solving the mystery  why Resting Bitch Face is the default setting for so many liberal women.


The left’s push to make feminine products free has ebbed and flowed. In January, President Obama had a probing discussion on tampons with a YouTube personality.  Next, Rep. Grace Meng (D, NY) introduced legislation — the Fund Essential Menstruation Products [fem] act — to allow tampons to be purchased through tax-free Flexible Spending Accounts. Not to be outstripped, New York Council York City public school bathrooms, for free. Finally, the actual, not-made-up grassroots organization Free the Tampon calls for free tampons in public restrooms everywhere. Because “our sisters, mothers, partners, and co-workers shouldn’t have to worry about an unexpected physical need becoming an overwhelming emotional need.


Here’s the latest spin. Student “pedal desks,” with bicycle pedals fastened below. allow restless students to pump away during lessons. Faith Harralson, a kindergarten teacher at Estes Elementary in Owensboro, KY, won a $12,000 grant from the school system to install the desks in her classroom. She told AP that the pedaling “activates cells in the brain.” Really. Claims Harralson: “I’ve seen a shift in my students’ behavior and engagement since the bikes arrived.


As reported at The Washington Free | Beacon, the National Institutes of Health has $1.6 thrown more than $1.6 million in tax money at the University of Minnesota for a four-year study of the problems created by malt A liquor. “Malt liquor is a troublesome product for communities,” asserts the grant description. It has a higher alcohol content than regular beer (4 to 5 percent vs. 6 to 8 percent) and “is associated with frequent daily drinking, heavy drinking, and with problem behaviors such as theft, disorderly conduct, assaults, and panhandling.


Over $3.5m has been fritterer away on something called “Hip Hop to Health Jr.” Like hundreds of other government boondoggles, it’s an anti-obesity program for minority preschoolers. According to The Washington Free Beacon, the U.S. Department of Agriculture I and the National Institutes of Health have funneled the funds to researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago to develop a hip-hop aIbum. The CD features 20 thrilling songs on healthy eating and exercise.



According to the report, Adelie penguins in Cape Denison, Antarctica have been dying off in droves since an iceberg trapped a penguin colony in 2010. The 1,120-square-mile iceberg supposedly forced the penguins to travel nearly 40 miles to find food, according to the journal Antarctic Science. This hardship caused the penguin population to plummet from 150,000 in 2011 to 10,000 now, according to “satellite images.” So the rest must all be dead! But these same satellite images show that another penguin colony only five miles away from the bay is thriving       . Yep, we’re supposed to believe that global warming causes excess sea ice.


I Get this headline from Yahoo Finance: “Bad Economy May Be Good for Your Health: Study.” Of course there’s a “study” — this time from University of Virginia professor Virginia professor entitled “Health Effects of Economic Crises.” Ruhm supposedly discovered that people discovered that people avoid smoking when they  are stressed about their finances. Rujm says his study showed that people also exercise and socialize more during downturns.

soucre–rush and those stated above

QUOTES——     ‘There’s a diaper disparity in this country.” — Cecilia Munoz, ON Obama budget DEMAND FOR $10 million “to test ways I GET DIAPERS to FAMILIES -in need

“The fact of the matter is, is that the plans that we have put in place to grow the economy have worked.” – Barack Obama,

“The numbers, the facts don’t lie ” – Barack Obama,

“I’ve been the most transparent public official in modern times, as far as I know,” – hillary clinton

if you play with matches, you could start a fire you can’t control. That is not leadership, it is political arson.” – Hillary Clinton,

If you see bigotry, you should oppose it. If you see violence, you should condemn it. And if you (see a bully, you should band up to him.” HILLARY Clinton.

“We shut Trump down! Beautiful gathering of anti-racist youth.’ – Bill Ayers,

‘Let me go on record, you’ve got a scoop. you ready for this? I do not own a tuxedo. Never have I worn a tuxedo.” – Bernie Sanders,

‘I don’t support government  spying … We don’t steal secrets … We uncover. we discover, we reveal, we  obtain, we elicit, we solicit. JOHN BRENNAN,

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