LIE  No one l–listens  to talk radio anymore. Fact: In January 2016, Nielsen ratings for news/talk radio of all Americans was 9.7 percent, the highest marks for listener share in years. –news/talk-9.7%, pop-8%, adult-7.7%, country-7.1%, hot adult-6.6%.

LIE #2- Talk radio is for uneducated losers with nothing better to do. Fact: Talk show listeners are educated, employed, and solidly middle-class. —education level—college grad-35%, no high school-4%, high school-26%, some college-35%.   INCOME–under 30k-13%, 30-49k-33%, 50-69k-33%, 70-99k-17%, over v100k-4%.

LIE 3– Talk radio is for fringe right-wingers. Fact: Independents comprise the largest percentage of the news/talk radio audience.  POLITICAL AFFILIATION —republican-28%, demo-12%, other-5%, indepedent-55%.

LIE 4 Only cranky old retired men listen to talk radio. Fact: Talk radio appeals to a wide range of Americans. GENDER

women-42%, men-58%. age—6-24–7%, 25-34–12%,  35-44-24%, 45-54–26%, 55-64–22%, 65+–9%.

LIE #5  Conservative talk radio is dying. Fact: Despite all the money thrown at failed liberal talk radio AirAmerica-bust), only one Dem host makes the top ten. My show has remained No. 1 for 25 years.

TOP 10 RADIO SHOW HOSTS March 2016 I. Rush Limbaugh : 13.5+million’ March 2016 2.SeanHannity: 12.5+ million 3.DaveRamsey: 8.25+million, 4. Glenn Beck-7.0 million, 5. Mark Levin: 7.0+ million, 6. mike savage–5.25millin.  7. Jim Bohannon 2.75 million, 8.  Mike Gallagher: 2.75+million, 9. Michael Medved-2.75 million, 10. George Noory-2.75 million.

source–rush, nielsen, talkers, census, pew

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