Penguins Suffer from Overabundance of Ice

Penguins Suffer from Overabundance of Ice–21h.,b 38

The Scrapbook was surprised to learn this week of the 150,000 Adelie penguins that have died over the last five years due not to the lack of ice, but to too much of It. The Guardian reports a colony of some I6O,OOO penguins has shrunk to around 10,000 after an “iceberg the size of Rome became grounded near their colony.”

‘Scientists named it B09B and say it measures over 1,000 square miles. After the iceberg ‘drifted into Commonwealth Bay, the penguins were unable to reach the ocean to feed. They have to make their way an additional 40 miles to find food. Unless the chunk of ice can be dislodged, the colony will be gone within 20 years.

(maybe Al Gore should go up there with a jet and have the carbon melt the ice)–my words!!!!!!!!!!!!

source–weekly standard (3/7/2016)


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