A Good Reason to stay at 99 Employees-

A Good Reason to stay at 99 Employees–25gh.,b12

The EEOC wants to amend its mandatory EEO-1 report so that employers with 100 or more employees would have to submit employee W-2 earnings and hours along with a breakdown of salary data by race and gender.

“For the past few years, at the President’s direction, EEOC and OFCCP  sought to develop a reporting tool  that would require employers to  submit pay data on employees nationwide so the agencies can target investigations to address the gender ‘pay gap,'” observes Jackson Lewis, a law firm specializing in employer  issues. “This proposal is the culmination of that effort.

It takes current EEO-1 (the annual exercise where we strive for a post-racial society by racially categorizing all of our employees) and makes it something like 15-20 times longer. In addition, rather than simply “count” an employee as being on staff in a certain race-gender category, we now have to report their income and hours worked. Either I will have to hire staff just to do this stupid report, or I will again (like with Obamacare) pay a third party thousands of dollars a year to satisfy  yet another government reporting requirement. This is utter madness. this is utter madness.  Get this  the report has 3600 individual cells that must be filled individual cells that must be filled current EEO-1 form, which also still has to be filled out. The draft rule assumes 6-7 hours per company assumes 6-7 hours per company per year for this reporting. They must be joking.

They’re estimating that it will cost each employer only $160 to comply, The EEOC plans to make the aggregated salary data by race and gender publicly available by regipn and industry, raising significant privacy concerns. That’s even assuming no one hacks into the EEOC and steals the data outright. [Even liberal publications have debunked the oft-repeated line (used by the White House to scare women into the polling booth that “women make 77 cents to every man’s dollar.” Meanwhile, the actual evidence shows that it’s blue-collar males who are being left behind by Obama’s economy.

source-weekly standard (2/22/2016)




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