Conservatives are a tiny far-right fringe minority–more Americans identify as conservatives than moderate or liberal–liberal around 22, conservative around-39%.

gallup, pew reasearch

Conservatives are rich fat cats:  more rich fat cats are iberal and vote democratic.  Of Forbes 20 Richeest Americans 60% are dems.  Top ones–Clinton at 34%, Rubio at 13%.

cnbc, fec gov

Conservatives are full of hate and anger–Re pew research–conservatives that are happy at 47%, liberals at 28%.  happy regardless of income–Republicans making 30-50k—44%, dems at 23%, making 50-75k–republicans 45%, dems at 30%, those making 75k and up–republicans 52%, dems-41%.

Conservatives don’t care about the poor—fact conservatives are far more generous that liberals in charitable giving’s—conservatives  make .94 to the liberals 1; conservative households give 30% more than liberals.  top conservative state in giving-Utah-6.6%, top Liberal state Hawaii-2.5%—

philanthropy roundtable

Conservative are rigid and intolerant—liberals at 44% are most likely to block someone on social media due to politics, while conservatives are at 31%.  more likely to drop a friend due to politics–conservatives-16%, liberals 24%

journalism .org, pew


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