Clueless-like a fox


She’s along with her lascivious husband, world-class talent in spinning sophisticated webs of deceit. In fact “public corruption” is reportedly so extensive that 150 FBI agents have been assigned to comb through it all. Hillary can lie with the worst of ’em. Not as charmingly as Bill, but she has long utilized her keen Yale-trained mind to evade the long arm of the law. She has manipulated, connived. and lied her  way out of accountability for 68 years. All of which takes an IQ — or maybe an EQ, evil quotient.

So how to explain the nincompoop side of Hillary Clinton, as revealed in the seemingly endless batches of emails that are being released under court order? How can someone capable of such complex crooked schemes be so clueless in daily life? I’m not willing to say it was an error in judgment because nothing that I did was wrong,  Hillary declared on January 25 at CNN Democrat Town hall. I’m happy people are booking emails. Some of them are frankly a little embarrassing. You know you  find out that sometimes I’m not the best on technology  and  things like that.”  One of her staffers emailed, “Problem is, HRC does not  know how to use a computer to do email.” In other emails we learn she can’t use a computer, a fax machine, or VCR, she can’t cook, or remember to bring her own tea cups. Her right-hand woman, Huma, writes that Hillary is often confused.” And who can forget that when asked about wiping her server, she shrugged, “Like with a cloth or something?”




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