An Awful Candidate-

An Awful Candidate–And she’s getting worse–47h.,b43

With her former president husband standing behind her slack-jawed—his  mouth hung weirdly agape throughout her remarks—nearly the entire six- and-a-half-minute affair was pitched at a shout. Clinton’s eyes bulged, the thumb of her closed fist jabbed the air again and again. She proclaimed that she most certainly was a progressive and, as if to prove her bona fides, provided a list of rights that she pledged  her sacred honor to defend.

But eight years is a long time and Clinton’s fastball isn’t what it used to be. In New Hampshire this week, her events are booked into Boys & Girls Clubs and high school cafeterias, rather than the big theaters, where Bernie Sanders plays to wild-eyed, adoring millennial mobs.

In the runup to showtime at a Clinton event, the campaign plays a 45-minute package of video clips of the candidate speaking. It seems as though about half of them feature her  talking about “gay rights,” and in the h most politically aggressive sense possible. In one clip, she laments that there  are places in America today where gay couples  “can even be denied a  wedding cake.”

Sanders is mostly challenging her on economic issues. But since Clinton is unwilling to enter a bidding war with Sanders on socialism—she thinks it’s a terrible  idea to offer free college tuition for everyone and insists she will never  raise taxes on the middle class— she seems to think she can counter him his with identity politics. And guns.

If you’ve Spent any time watching Hillary Clinton over the years, you  may be surprised to learn that the subject she’s most passionate about right now IS not healthcare, or job creation, or foreign affairs, or feminism or the Children, but gun control.  This may have something to do with the fact that gun control is the only issue on which Clinton has been able to position herself firmly to Sanders’s left .

In the stump speeches that follow. Clinton is every bit as terrible as she was on caucus night in Iowa. Her delivery alternates between quiet grimace and angry shout. And then there are her inflections and cadences. The stump speech itself is a formless hodgepodge. She hugs Obama, she name-checks Planned Parenthood, she talks about an unspecified plan to defeat ISIS.

But mostly it’s because of  her continual reference to fighting,  which recurs in nearly every section of every speech. She’s a “fighter.” It’s important to “Fight.             Fight. Fight.” She’s “fighting for us.’

The only time Clinton doesn’t want to fight is when she talks about the Sanders single-payer health care plan. Here is her explanation for why single payer is a bad idea: “He wants us to  start all over. I think that would be a  terrible mistake to throw our country into a contentious debate over health care again.

She’s against  free college. When asked by Anderson Cooper at a town hall event about being paid $675,000 in speaking fees by Goldman Sachs her response was—hand to God”–Well I don’t KNOW? That’s what they offered.

source-weekly standard (2/15/16), johathan last,


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