The Mystery of the Trump Followers-

The Mystery of the Trump Followers–Who are they, and how many of them are there? We’re about to find out—-58h., b58

I was reminded of the Republican leader’s shock in 1976 when I  can talked recently to a GOP  official in New Hampshire.  Donald Trump is far ahead in every poll of voters in the state’s Republican presidential primary on February 9. Yet the official doesn’t o know a single Trump supporter.

Two  party official, one county and  one regional, who said they knew a lot of Trump supporters,” York wrote.  One told him, “They’re not Republicans.” The officials said those voters  “glanced left and right, to see if it was OK to talk, and then said, ‘Trump.”

The fact that Trump is attractive of to non-Republicans leads to a question-Republicans leads to a question  about his candidacy.  Is he capable of enlarging the GOP with a wave of new voters, including people with a the skimpy history of voting, who could  play a significant role in politics?

The Republican coalition is growing because of Trump’s emphasis on building a wall to halt illegal immigration from Mexico and killing the Pacific trade treaty.

The latest Fox News poll asked voters which quality would influence their choice of a candidate. “Strong  leader” was first with 24 percent and “tells it like it is” followed at 23 percent. “Conservative values” got 19 percent and the “right experience 8%.

“What we know by observation is that Trump is attracting people who are not traditional Republican voters to his campaign and his events,” says Steven Law, president  of the American Crossroads super PAC. “What we won’t know until the voting starts is whether they actually show up—and whether their enthusiasm starts and stops with Trump himself.”

Republicans must be “sensitive” to the concerns of the Hispanics. Trump isn’t. He alienates  them. Thus the cost of nominating ii him could be high.

We do know what Hillary would do. As president, she would protect everything Obama has done.  If she wins or is allowed to win by Republican defections, Obamacare would live on in perpetuity. So would all the antigrowth, anti-fossil rulings of the EPA. So would all then unconstitutional executive orders. So would the greatest regulatory onslaught ever. The list is long and grievous. Everything—the entire Obama legacy—would be locked in. With Trump as nominee, millions of Republicans would face a difficult choice. The cost of a Clinton victory would be high. But so high it would be self-indulgent to spurn Trump? Maybe it would.

source–weekly standard (2/8/16), terry eastland, wash examiner, fox, am crossroads super pac, nyt,


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