The below list is by no means a complete list of the people who have jumped off the USS Obanic.

Jay Carney-press sectretary-5/30/2014

Eric Shinseki-veterans affairs sectretary-5/30/2014

Kathleen  Sebelius-health and human services-4/2014

Keith Alexander-director of nsa-10/2013

Loris Lerner-ran the Irs-9/2013

Ray LaHood- secretary of trasproation-7/2013

Jill Sommers-commissioner of the CTFC-7/2013

Ken Salazar-US secretary  of the Interior-7/2013

Lanny Breuer-Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the US-4/2009

Lisa Jackson-Administrator of the US EPA-2/2013

Leon Panetta-Secretary of defense-2/2013

Janet Napolitano-HLS-1/2013

Hillary Clinton-Secretary of State-2/2013

Tim Geithner- US Treasury Secretary-1/2013

Mary Schapiro-Chairman of the SEC-12/2012

David Petraeus- Director of the CIA-11/2012

William Daley-Chief of Staff-1/9/2012

Dennis Ross- Middle East adviser-??

Reggie Love-Obama personal assistants -end of 2011

Melody Barnes-Domestic Policy Council Director-end of 2011

Jen Psaki-White House deputy communications director-9/2011

Vivek Kundra-first chief information officer-8/2011

Michael Leiter-National counterterrorism center-??

Austan Goolsbee-White House council of economic advisers-6/6/2011

Bob Bauer-counsel to the President-???

Bill Burton-deputy press secretary-2/16/2011

Sean Sweeney-White House political adviser-2/16/2011

Ron Klain-chief of staff to VP Biden-11/2000

Glenn Fine-Justice Department Inspector General-???

Gen. James L Jones-National Security advisor-10/8/2010

Rahm Emanuel-Chief of staff-1/2009

Lawrence H Summers-director of the National economic council-9/21/2010

Peter R Orszag-director of the office of management and budget-7/2010

Christina Romer-council of economic advisers-?

Gen. David McKiernan-defense secretary-????

Ellen Moran-communication director-???

Gregory Craig-white house counsel-????

Robert Gates-secretay of defense-2011

Chuck Hagel-secretary of defense-2015

Eric Holder-attorney general-2015

Gary Locke-secretary of commerce-2011

John Bryson-secretary of commerce-2012

Hilda Solis-secretary of labor-2013

Arne Duncan-secretary of education-2016

Shaun Donovan-secretary of HUD-2014

Steven Chu-secretary of energy-2013

Michael Cheretoff-secretay of hls-2009

William Daley-Chief of staff-2012

Jack Lew-chief of staff-2013

Sylvia Burwell-director of the office of management and budget-2014

Susan Rice-ambassador to the UN-2013

Ron Kirk-US trade representative-2013

Katherine Archuleta-director of the office of personnel management-7/2010

Margaret Hamburg- commissioner of the food and drug adm-2/5/2015

Jennifer Palmieri-Obama communications director-spring 2015

Dan Pfeiffer-chief strategists-3/2016

Marilyn Tavenner-center for Medicare and Medicaid serves-2/2015

Julia Pierson-secret service director-10/2014

Shirley Sherrod-dept of argiculture-2010

Gen. Stanley McChrystal-commander of Us force in AFG-6/2010

Desiree Rogers-white house social sectretary-11/2009

Suzanne Barr-HLS-9/1/2012

Jofi Joseph-white house national security aide-????

Jon Favreau-speechwirter-12/2008

Tommy Vietor-speechwriter-12/2008

P.J. Crowley-state department spokesman-2011

Yosi Sergant- national endowment for the arts-9/2009

Samantha Power-Obama’s campaign staff-3/2008

Larry Summers-director of the president’s national economic council-???

Tom Daschle-HHS secretary fired before he got the job.

source-zero hedge, tyler durden,











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