Almost  40 years ago, the last and “green” president, Jimmy Carter, went on national TV and glumly told the nation from the Oval Office: “We could use up all of the proven reserves of oil in the entire to world by the end of the next decade.”

This prediction wasn’t just foolish. It turned out to be tremendously expensive to taxpayers, with billions of dollars poured down a rat hole of green energy programs that never worked including the “Synthetic Fuels Corporation,” which was going to provide an economical substitute for scarce oil.  Then Ronald Reagan was elected president and in his first days in office he lifted all remaining Nixon-Ford-Carter-era oil and gas price controls and later repealed windfall profits taxes in the oil industry. This deregulation of the oil and gas markets led almost overnight to a massive increase in domestic oil and gas production and over time a tumbling in the price of oil and gas for two decades. As for the government-sponsored alternative energy programs that had been all the rage during the Carter years: They went bust because instead of oil prices of $50 to $100 a barrel the price fell below to $20. The Synthetic Fuels Corporation was long regarded as one of the biggest government “investment” boondoggles of all time.

Well, until 2009. That was the year Barack Obama entered office with a new generation of experts again predicting “peak oil.” They lectured us that the price of fuel could soar to $200 or $300 a barrel as fast-growing China and India and other  developing countries added more demand for energy. Meanwhile, Obama (on the heels of George W. Bush, whose experts also bought into the oil scarcity nonsense) would ignore the lessons of history and spend well over $100 billion on green energy—battery cars, wind and solar energy, cellulosic ethanol-to replace “dirty energy,” as the left calls it, namely oil, gas, and coal.

Renowned energy experts told us that oil was “a finite resource” and insisted commodity prices would continue to rise. But no one had the energy story wronger than Barack Obama. From the day he entered office he warned Americans that oil is “a fuel that is rapidly disappearing,” and “we’re running out of places to drill,” and that “we can’t bet our long-term prosperity, our long-term  security, on a resources that will eventually run out.” He even chided his critics that they would soon call for drilling “next to the Washington Monument.”

The shale oil and gas revolution doubled recoverable energy supplies in the blink of an eye. As the Institute for Energy Research recently put it: “Mr. President, America isn’t running out of oil, we are running into it.” The Financial Times put it best in early 2016: “The world is drowning in oil.

The irony, of course, is that the left keeps obsessing about income inequality, but cheap energy is one of the greatest ways in world history to pull up the poor and 1 equalize incomes. It makes everything more affordable.

To fully appreciate how nonviable green energy is in this new age of cheap oil, consider the economics of electric cars like those made by Tesla. In an article published in the most recent Journal of Economic Perspectives, the authors report that after extensive testing, current battery costs for a Tesla and other electric vehicles are roughly $325 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). How that cost fare against standard gasoline in the tank? “At a battery cost of $325 per kWh,” the authors wrote. “the price of oil would need to exceed $350 per barrel before the electric  vehicle was cheaper to operate.

In other words the price of gas would have to be eight times higher than today for battery-powered cars to  make financial sense . Wall Street Journal reported in March that “a federally backed, $2.2 billion solar project in the California desert isn’t producing the electricity it is contractually required to deliver to PG&E Corp.” The Journal story adds that “the solar plant may ^ be forced to shut down” without more government intervention.

Because the economics are so dismal for renewable, the green-energy left is scrambling for Washington lifelines. They got a big assist from Congress late last year when the omnibus spending bill provided a 30 percent tax credit for wind and solar energy–which basically says taxpayers foot almost one-third of the bill. But oil prices are still so low that the Obama  administration has called for a $10 a barrel tax—which would regressively raise gas prices by about 20 to 25 cents a gallon—and would use the revenue for still more subsidies to solar and wind power, which account for about 3% of our energy production.

It’s important to understand that the solar and wind industries wouldn’t  even exist today—by their own admission—were it not for the endless corporate welfare funneled to Big Green through refundable tax credits, R&D spending, renewable energy mandates, T loan guarantees, consumer incentives, and layer upon layer of other payments. Solar Energy Industries Association executive director Rhone Resch admitted to Congress: “The reality is that we will lose 100,000 jobs if we lose the investment tax credit— and these are conservative numbers.  Ninety percent of solar companies will go out of business.”

Washington is doing all it can to make energy more expensive for taxpayers and ratepayers. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are all in on green energy. This isn’t just bad economics, it’s even questionable environmental policy. Obama’s own Department of Energy reported last month that U.S. carbon emissions fell 2 percent in 2015 mainly because of increased use of clean-burning shale gas. Yet the greens are trying to shut down domestic shale gas production.

President Obama fantasized in his State of the Union address in January, “wind power is now cheaper than dirtier, conventional power. On rooftops from Arizona to New York, solar is saving Americans tens of millions of dollars a year on their energy bills and employs more Americans than coal—in jobs that pay better than average.

In reality, green energy cost Americans twice, as taxpayers and as ratepayers. The math doesn’t lie: Coal and natural gas prices which account for about 66 percent of our electricity production have both fallen by more than half over the last several years. But retail electricity prices have risen by about 3 percent per year over the same period. Why? Renewable energy requirements force utilities to buy expensive wind and solar power, which drives up utility bills.

The nation is being snookered into another bad energy bet—and this one too will wind up wasting hundreds of billions of dollars. Time to pull the plug.

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For generations, the IRS has held most hated government agency. Its title is now in jeopardy. Last week the Washington Post had a short metro item  about the sad state of affairs of the Memorial Bridge and the National Park Service

Last spring, for instance,  chief administrator Jonathan : B. Jarvis held a press conference on the bridge, warning that if taxpayers didn’t pony up, his agency might  close the bridge to vehicle traffic entirely within six years. You may recall Jarvis’s name, He’s the Obama appointee who, during the budget showdown of 2013, eagerly shut down every national  park in America in order to further the Obama administration’s claims about Republican dereliction of duty. And Jarvis didn’t just shut down parks that the NFS spent manpower working on. He sent staffers to erect barriers around unstaffed sites—such as the World War II Memorial in Washington—so ft that citizens couldn’t visit them. He sent officers to Claude Moore Colonial Farm, a site privately funded and run, and ordered it to close down under pain of arrest. He sent members of the National Park Service to block off scenic  overlooks near Mount Rushmore to prevent anyone driving by from being able to see the monument.

The cost of fixing the Memorial Bridge is estimated to be $250 million. The Park Service was supposed to apply  for a $150 million in funding from the federal FASTLANE, a hyper-competitive program that has $800 million to grant to important transportation programs as of April l4,theNPS still hadn’t submitted its application. The deadline was that night. Worse Still, applications require cooperation from state and local partners, and the NPS did not reach out to D.C. and Virginia officials until just a few days before. The story in the Post was one of abject panic from local lawmakers—every last one of them a Democrat—who were amazed at the NPS’s incompetence’s.

source–weekly standard (4/25/2016)



Why did the secretary of state tell Charlie Rose that the R United States and Iran want the same thing when it comes to ending the war in Syria? Why does America’s top diplomat give Iran a pass on its ballistic missile tests, even though they violate U.N. Security Council resolutions? Why? Because Kerry hearts Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister’s.

Democrats as well as Republicans say the White House misled them on the Iran deal. The administration said it would not allow Iran access to the U.S. banking system, but top officials are now saying that Iran may be allowed to exploit a loophole having to do with offshore banking to access the dollar that way. Permitting Iran to make dollar transactions, said Rep. Brad Sherman, “is clearly not required” by the nuclear deal. “This will set bad precedent,” the Democratic congressman from California told the Associated Press, “and it will not be the last time the Iranians and/or their business partners receive additional relief.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, there are voices in the administration who want “to use harsher language against Iran,” but “they’re being overruled by others who are defending Russia and Iran’s interpretation.” That sounds a lot like John Kerry.        In the first two weeks of this year, the AP has reported the two spoke at least 11 times. That’s a good thing, says Kerry, because it means there’s now a channel open to discuss issues between the two countries—like when Iran kidnaps American sailors. lays siege to the diplomatic missions of U.S. allies, or launches ballistic missile tests. That is, the purpose of the newly opened channel with Iran is to facilitate America’s ability to complain when the clerical regime acts up.

The opposite of glad-handing the Iranian and Russian foreign ministers is not war but a measure of propriety and dignity. After all, the Iranians threaten America’s chief Middle Eastern ally, Israel, with genocide, while the Russians are trying to drag another U.S. partner, Turkey, into : conflict. America’s leading diplomat praises Zarif and Lavrov on a talk show for their “helpfulness” on Syria, when he  should show contempt and revulsion for representatives of two governments that are assisting Bashar al-Assad in an atrocity-filled war on his own people.

Kerry is off the reservation , but it’s the president who is giving Iran concession after concession. This makes Kerry Obama’s ideal point man—the former senator from Massachusetts tells himself he’s doing diplomacy while Obama lets critics at home and abroad stick Kerry with the charge of appeasement. But it’s not really appeasement—it’s an  Obama reeducation program. He’s correcting American foreign policy by changing what he’s called a mindset “characterized by a preference for military action over diplomacy.

Obama believes he freed himself from what he calls the “Washington playbook,” which comes “out of the foreign-policy establishment. And the playbook prescribes responses to different events, and these responses tend to be militarized responses.

Obama offers a different kind of thinking: Publicly insulting American allies is honorable. The only way to a avoid war is to consort with a state sponsor of terror. Peace sc and security is the result of giving tens of billions of dollars to a regime that is making war across the Middle East. It’s a travesty. The purpose of America’s post-WWII foreign policy was to clarify a complicated and often dangerous world for the leaders of a large republic responsible for the life, liberty, and prosperity of its citizens by ensuring a degree of stability abroad. These are our allies, it said, and these our adversaries, for we know them by their actions and affections.

“History,” said Kerry in a stirring speech on August 30,2013, explaining why it was necessary to strike Assad, “would judge us all extraordinarily harshly if we turned a blind eye to a dictator’s wanton use of weapons of mass destruction against all warnings, against all common understanding of decency.”

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Many—perhaps even most— to Republicans believe the former secretary of state will face some sort of legal consequence for keeping classified information on her private  email system. They point to the preponderance of public evidence clearly and indisputably showing a bevy of classified information was stashed on Clinton’s home-brew server.

Perhaps Clinton’s opinion is not uninformed—her ties to the Department of Justice are deep, a benefit of being married to an ex-president. being a former U.S. senator, and serving as a cabinet member in the Obama administration. Her key Spokesman, Brian Fallon, was the top press wrangler at Justice, and Eric Holder, the former attorney general who is believed still to be close to the president, is a big booster of her presidential candidacy.

The FBI will be interviewing Clinton soon, according to news reports, signaling a possible winding down of the many-months-long investigation. The bureau will have to review all the evidence—most of which, it’s worth recalling, has likely not been released to the public, despite massive document dumps of tens of thousands of Clinton’s emails. The bureau will then recommend to the lawyers at the Justice Department whether Clinton should be indicted, or perhaps one or more of her assistants. The key question will be whether there is enough evidence to prosecute a case that will hinge on whether Clinton knowingly and intentionally broke the law.

But not pursuing legal action on t Clinton opens up the administration to the very charges Obama was so sensitive to avoid in his interview with Wallace—that his Department  of Justice is a political organ, working to save the Democratic nominee.  The Obama IRS targeted Republicans  and conservative groups, while Justice covers for Democrats.

That would leave Republicans unhappiest of all. As one top GOP hand advised, “I don’t think anyone should base their strategy for November on a hope that the Obama administration’s own Justice Department will indict their party’s nominee.” Of course Republicans might be less given to fantasies of Hillary’s downfall if they weren’t flirting with nominating the most unpopular candidate in the history of either party.

source-weekly standard (4/25/2016), daniel halper,



The following heated exchange occurred between commie Van Jones and conservative Jeffrey Lord, who suddenly interjected facts and history so shocking to the conventional wisdom that they’re virtually never aired on any news broadcast:

Jones: The Klan is a terrorist organization

Lord: — a leftist terrorist organization.

Jones: We’re not going to play that game.

Lord–we are going to understand history. It is wrong to say that these are not leftist.

Jones: What difference does it make if you call them leftists? … They kill people. Don’t play games with that!

Lord: You’re right! And you don’t hide and say that’s not part of the base of the Democratic Party. They were the military arm, the terrorist  arm of the Democratic Party, according to historians. For God’s sake, read your history!

Jones: I don’t care how they voted 50 years ago, I care who they killed. The Klan divided people by race! Lord: And they did it to further the progressive agenda! Hello!

Jones: That is, first of all, so absurd!

party of slavery, Jim crow, KKK—          “Those of you who believe that the n***er is your equal and ought to be on an equality with you. equality with you. “Before the Civil War, the Democratic Party was the Party of slavery … almost all of its leaders were slave owners…” Justice Roger Taney,  Dred Scott case on the grounds that blacks were ‘a subordinate and inferior class of beings.  The Ku Klux Klan operated as the de facto terrorist arm of the national Democratic Party during Reconstruction.  the Republican Party platform routinely called for anti-lynching legislation. The Democrats rejected” such calls in their own platforms.’ — Democratic Convention of 1924, held ‘Klanbake.’ 10,000 hooded Klansmen staged a massive rally complete with I burning crosses and calls for violence against blacks and Cathohcs.” segregated public schools. public transportation, restaurants, rest rooms, and public places in general (everything from water coolers to beaches). The Democrats opposed every civil rights measure proposed by the republican congress. The denial voting rights was pervasive throughout the South, as were pettier forms of discrimination such as separate rail cars, rest rooms, and  drinking fountains, which persisted well into the 1960s. black men on chain gangs, where they were rented out. ‘Lynching of blacks for the most trivial of offenses was pervasive.  Bull  Connor unleashed dogs and fire hoses on civil-rights protestors — was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.” Connor encouraged the violence that met the CORE Freedom H Riders at the Birmingham Trailways Bus station by promising local klansmen that, ;He would see to it that 15 or 20 minutes would elapse before the police arrived.'” Lord lists the many pro-slavery and pro-slavery and pro segregation Democrat party platforms, the dems -sponsored Jim Crow laws , the republicans sponsored civil rights laws rejected by Democrats for decades.

WOODROW WILSON, DEMO– of the intolerable burden of governments sustained by the votes  of ignorant negroes.            Wilson’s very first acts in office was to institute comprehensive racial segregation throughout the federal government, put blacks and whites into separate offices and buildings, room dividers were installed. one colored clerk who could not actually be segregated on account of the nature of his work [and who] consequently had a cage built around him to separate him from I his white companions of many years.”            blacks held  inferior position in society, and as’ I he did not welcome African  American “students.” —

FDR, DEMO-    wouldn’t even allow his black and white servants at the White House to eat together.” — liked to tell jokes about darkies.  “Hider didn’t snub me; President [fdr] didn’t even send a telegram — Jesse Owens. When  invited all U.S. Olympians to the White House except Owens. when invited in 1955 by President Eisenhower. no reason for my worrying about my having been a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He said that some of his best friends and supporters he had in the state of Georgia were strong members of that organization.” — Hugo black.

ROBERTS, “SHEETS” BYRD, DEM–“I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels.  Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D, MS), expressing anger over Truman integrating the U.S. military. Byrd joined the KKK in 1942 was eventually elected Exalted Cyclops of his local chapter. Byrd describes the Klan as a fraternal assembly of ‘upstanding people’ who at no time engaged in, or preached violence against blacks, Jews or Catholics. Byrd was a ‘Kleagle’ —- an official recruiter who signed up members for $10 a head. He         Klan was an ‘effective force’ in ‘promoting traditional American values.’ Byrd lied during a radio interview that he had only belonged to the KKK from “mid 1942 early 1943.” three years after he say he abandoned the group. He wrote: ‘the Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia’ and ‘in every state in the Union.'” — he personally felt the Klan had been incorrectly blamed for many acts committed by others.” — Byrd’s 14-hour … individual filibuster of  the 1964 Civil Rights bill is the second longest in history only a true believer would ever undertake such a futile gesture.” Byrd writers of the Declaration of Independence did not intend that these words should be taken literally, to be true when they wrote that all men are created equal.     Democrat leader from 1977 to 1989. There are white n***ers. I’ve seen a lot of white n***ers in my time. The United States Senate has lost a venerable institution, and America has lost a voice of principle and reason.” -“Senator Byrd was man of surpassing eloquence and nobility — Hillary Clinton, He once had a fleeting association with the Ku Klux Klan, what does that mean?

LBJ-DEMS—     ‘Buying into the stereotype that blacks were afraid of snakes ..LBJ would drive into stations with one in his trunk and try to trick them … trick black attendants into opening it.” he said the word ‘n***er’ a lot. he’d simply call it ‘the n***er bill.–, “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before. give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.” —I’ll have those n***ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.

JIMY CARTER-DEMO- I can win this election without a .single black vote.—When Jimmy Carter Ginned up race hatred to get elected. he would never be the tool of any ‘block’ vote, slurring over the word “block” so that it could be mistaken for black.  We coulda won by a lot more if we’d bin able to stop Jimmah sayings so many nahs things abaht n***ers.’ Carter’s other senior campaign aide, bill Pope. was even more blunt, telling they had run a n***er campaign. A question about integration issues, blurting out, I see nothing wrong with the ethnic purity being maintained.

BILL CLINTON–DEMO—-           Bill Fulbright stood against the 20th century’s most destructive forces and fought to advance it’s brightest hopes — Bill Clinton the infamous segregationist Sen. William Fulbright (D, AR), one of the participants the 83-day filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.. Clinton took care to be photographed at an all-white golf club, and also standing at a prison-farm photo-op, wearing his shades while a crowd of black convicts broke rocks in the sun.”

OLD DEMOCRATS HABITS DIE HARD—-          my family taught me to hate discrimination for claiming his father Sen. Albert Gore, Sr. voted for the Civil Rights Act, Not only did Gore, Sr. vote against it, he joined in the 83-dav filibuster, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy.” — Sen. Joe Biden (D, _ a ‘light-skinned’ Africa: American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.'” Reid, A. few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.” Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy, about Obama.

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I think human beings can create a Utopia.” – Kanye West, on Twitter, 3/13/16       “Venezuela is shutting down for a week as the government struggles with a deepening electricity crisis… The government has rationed electricity and water supplies across the country for months … The ruling socialists have blamed the shortage on … weather phenomena and ‘sabotage’ by their  political foes. ” BLOOMBERG==3/16/16

Where there’s no private property, ownership, or profit, there’s no wealth creation. Where economic equality is enforced, equal misery is guaranteed. Centralized government control — which is what socialism is — inevitably, ultimately, stamps out individual creativity and talent and industriousness. Collectivism is soul-killing.

ln “The Return of Socialism,” Commentary magazine reports that in 1982, a full 72 percent of Americans thought the U.S. would be worse off under socialism. But by 2015, a YouGov poll showed that only 51 percent had an unfavorable view of socialism; 35 percent had a favorable view.

‘As the great Garyv Kasparov, former World Chess Champion, put it on Facebook on Super Tuesday, 3/1/16: I’m enjoying the irony of American [Bernie] Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of socialism and what it really means! Socialism sounds great in speech sound bites and on Facebook, but please keep it there. In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty. Talking about socialism is a huge luxury, a luxury that was paid for successes of capitalism. Income inequality is a huge problem, absolutely. But the idea that the solution is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd..

We’ve got 94 million Americans  not working, wages stagnant,  people working fewer hours because of Obamacare requirements, record numbers on welfare, food stamps, disability.

We want to bring the country together and not divide this country ore. That’s why this was such a big victory tonight … because we know that we need to unite this country and be Americans and not spend our time dividing people in this country.” It’s typical political happy talk, but sorry, this whole notion of bringing the country together is bunk. We’re way past that. We’re never going to unify with liberal Democrats. There’s no candidate that can forge a kumbaya. It’s fatuous. The truth is, liberals aren’t the slightest bit interested in unity. The left does not want to reach common ground with us. To them, we are enemies. Worse, they see us as the Gestapo, Nazis. We are what stands in their way. And they will roll over us, and all we hold dear, by any means necessary.

I recently had a caller, a Trump critic, who told me she was looking for a GOP candidate who would “unite all Americans.” She wanted to re-experience the solidarity she remembered from the 1980s, and she cited Ronald Reagan and his landslide victories as bringing people together. Here’s my question? Then why aren’t we still together?  What the hell happened? Reagan won two landslides, we had the greatest economy the country’s known in our lifetimes, low unemployment, burgeoning job growth, personal wealth that was going like crazy. We brought down the Soviet Union. Why are we still not unified?

The left tore that unity apart. Destroyed it. Even as Reagan was bringing Americans together. Democrats in Congress were aligning with Soviet communist client states in Central America and Grenada and wherever else they could to undermine the President. Ted

Teddy Kennedy actually traveled to the Soviet union and told Kremlin leaders, “Do not fall for anything Reagan tells  you, he’s a deceiver.” They sabotaged Reagan for eight  years. hating him with a white-hot hatred.

Unity sounds wonderful. Sororities love it; fraternities pretend to love it so they can get inside the sororities. But it’s nothing more than a dream. This is a world governed by the aggressive use of power, the aggressive use of force, and to maintain both, you battle.

source-rush, bloomberg, garry kasparov



LIE  No one l–listens  to talk radio anymore. Fact: In January 2016, Nielsen ratings for news/talk radio of all Americans was 9.7 percent, the highest marks for listener share in years. –news/talk-9.7%, pop-8%, adult-7.7%, country-7.1%, hot adult-6.6%.

LIE #2- Talk radio is for uneducated losers with nothing better to do. Fact: Talk show listeners are educated, employed, and solidly middle-class. —education level—college grad-35%, no high school-4%, high school-26%, some college-35%.   INCOME–under 30k-13%, 30-49k-33%, 50-69k-33%, 70-99k-17%, over v100k-4%.

LIE 3– Talk radio is for fringe right-wingers. Fact: Independents comprise the largest percentage of the news/talk radio audience.  POLITICAL AFFILIATION —republican-28%, demo-12%, other-5%, indepedent-55%.

LIE 4 Only cranky old retired men listen to talk radio. Fact: Talk radio appeals to a wide range of Americans. GENDER

women-42%, men-58%. age—6-24–7%, 25-34–12%,  35-44-24%, 45-54–26%, 55-64–22%, 65+–9%.

LIE #5  Conservative talk radio is dying. Fact: Despite all the money thrown at failed liberal talk radio AirAmerica-bust), only one Dem host makes the top ten. My show has remained No. 1 for 25 years.

TOP 10 RADIO SHOW HOSTS March 2016 I. Rush Limbaugh : 13.5+million’ March 2016 2.SeanHannity: 12.5+ million 3.DaveRamsey: 8.25+million, 4. Glenn Beck-7.0 million, 5. Mark Levin: 7.0+ million, 6. mike savage–5.25millin.  7. Jim Bohannon 2.75 million, 8.  Mike Gallagher: 2.75+million, 9. Michael Medved-2.75 million, 10. George Noory-2.75 million.

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