Suspected Clinton Murder Case Explodes… New Docs Show Shocking Cover-Up

Suspected Clinton Murder Case Explodes… New Docs Show Shocking Cover-Up–47h., b43

New evidence regarding the 23-year-old mystery surrounding Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster’s death by gunshot in 1993 might reveal an ugly murder cover-up leading back to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

For years, Foster’s death was reported as suicide by a single gunshot to the head. Newly discovered evidence from boxes stored deep in the National Archives now bring that claim into suspicion.

Documents that might blow the lid off the suicide theory included a two-page resignation letter written by Independent Council Kenneth Starr’s lead prosecutor, Miguel Rodriguez.

In his resignation letter, Rodriguez refers to photographs showing a wound on Foster’s neck — a wound that did not exist according to Starr’s official account.

In his resignation letter, dated Jan. 17, 1995, Rodriguez said he was resigning because important evidence in the investigation was being overlooked in a rush to judgment in favor of suicide and a desire to close the grand jury investigation.

Rodriguez also explained that after he produced the photographic evidence, he became a target and was internally investigated.

Rodriguez mentioned 12 ways in which the case was compromised, including the mishandling of the photographs. The FBI claimed some of the photos of Foster’s neck wound were underexposed and therefore useless but when Rodriguez found them and hand them enhanced, he was shocked to learn a blurred-out spot was described as a bullet wound.

The suicide has always been troubling for other reasons. The car Foster’s body was supposedly discovered in was not seen at the park by Patrick Knowlton, who was supposedly at the park just an hour before Foster allegedly committed suicide. In addition, Foster’s fingerprints weren’t found on the gun he supposedly used and the autopsy report did not include X-rays of Foster’s body.

Conspiracy theories aside, the photographic evidence discovered is enough to warrant serious questions. It leads to many unanswered questions beginning with Clinton’s role in past scandals that include Whitewater and the White House Travel Office.

It’s possible that a pesky private email server might be the least of Clinton’s worries now.

source-conservative tribune,


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