‘White House: ISIS Has Ambition for U.S. Attack, But Likely Lacks Capability.” — headline, CNN WIRE SERVICE, TWO WEEKS BEFORE San Bernardino massacre

“The World Will Run Out of Breathable Air Unless Carbon Is Cut.” – headline, Yahoo News

“Climate Change Is Making the Earth Wobble.” — headline, Yahoo News

‘The planet will be okay, there just won’t be any damn people on it – Harrison Ford, warning  of disastrous” consequences without the Paris climate change agreement, ABC Australia

“As Trump Rises, Clinton Preaches Love AND Kindness.” — headline, AP

“I’ve been in the Situation Room in the White House and I know what it’s going to take and I will keep America safe.” — Hillary Clinton, vowing to defeat ISIS if elected, ABC News

“The Second Amendment Must Go: We Ban Lawn Darts. It’s Time to Ban Guns.” — headline, Salon

“Every child deserves the opportunity to live up to their God given potential.” — Planned Parenthood, official tweet .

Enter the next great lib concept: reading robots. According to The Washington Free Beacon, the National Science Foundation has awarded a $440,885 grant to MIT researchers to develop robots to be indoctrination platforms … er, reading companions and tutors for four year-olds. The study will use robots for nine months at a time at preschools all over the country that promise to ‘push the envelope of current understanding of freeform storytelling.

A San Francisco startup company has developed a wireless system that  claims to thwart snoring. According to Yahoo, “Nora” consists of a bedside monitor, a mini-pump, and an inflatable mat under the pillow. When the monitor detects snoring, it activates the pump, which slowly inflates the mat, which shifts the snorer’s head on the pillow. This “nudge” supposedly reopens partially obstructed airways — the main cause of snoring – without awaking the snorer. Supposedly. Meanwhile, the company has raised over $800,000 through Kickstarter, obviously funded by exhausted human Noras everywhere. Company co-founder Behrouz Hariri  told Reuters nobody has the patience to  push their partner very gently to stop their snoring.”

The National Institutes of Health (nih)  has a deer overpopulation problem at its Bethesda, MD campus. Skil sets: catching deer humanely, putting deer under anesthesia, removing deer’s ovaries, and placing ear tags marked Do Not Consume” on the deer.                Contractor also must provide training of NIH veterinary staff  in the performance of ovariectomies in deer,” as well as “provide training in the use of dart guns to the NlH Police.” All on your dime.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that $63 million was greenlit recently for 264 “renewable energy” projects through the Rural Energy for America Program(REAP).  This is on top of the hundreds of millions of taxpayers hat dollars that the Taxpayers for Common Sense says has been filtered through reap from 2008 through 2013. One $16,094 grant this year was awarded to Blue Sky Poultry, Inc. in Bainbridge, CA to “install a solar array on the roof of  the poultry houses. $18,000 is going toward a photovoltaic solar system for a fruit farm in Berlin Heights, OH. Larger payouts are being lobbed at places like the Mt. Abram ski resort in western Maine, which received a $235,000 REAP award to install a solar photovoltaic system.

NIH is spending $107,379 studying “disgust,” trying to make the case that this human emotion must be regulated, leads to the bullying of gays and others. NIH study with the creepy title, “The Development and Regulation of Moral Emotions,” Columbia University researchers surmise that “during development, individuals begin to consider actions and behaviors … to be morally wrong (e.g., homosexuality)

source–rush and stated above


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