Shock Chart Shows Chilling Difference Between Cities With Guns & Cities Without-

Shock Chart Shows Chilling Difference Between Cities With Guns & Cities Without––80fh.,b 12-2

Guns, liberals constantly scream, cause crime. There’s no way that people could possibly defend themselves without government, they claim, and the only reason anyone would want a gun would be nefarious activity.

The statistics don’t bear that out, though, and here’s a chart to prove it. We’re going to examine a tale of two cities — not the Dickens classic, but the difference between Chicago, Illinois and Houston, Texas. As you can see from this table Breitbart put together, the cities are similar in many ways:

Chicago, Illinois | Houston, Texas
Population  2.7 million  2.15 million
Median HH income  $38,600  $37,000
 % African-American  32.9%  24%
 % Hispanic  28.9%  44%
 % Asian  5.5%  6%
 % non-Hispanic White  31.7%  26%

Seems pretty similar. Take a look at this, though:

Chicago, Illinois | Houston, Texas
Concealed carry
gun law
no  yes
 # of gun stores  0  84 dedicated gun shops,
1500 places to buy guns
(Walmart, etc.)
Homicides, 2012  506  207
Homicides per 100k  18.4 9.6
Average January
high temp, F
 31  63

So, there you have it — the reason why Chicago is a hellhole of gun violence and Houston is an all-American city. It’s because cold weather causes gun violence. In almost every metric available, it becomes plainly obvious that a legally armed populace has myriad benefits. It reduces crime and increases personal responsibility. Yet, that’s not what politicians on the left want us to believe.

source- conservative tribune


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