You can say that again

You can say that again–39h.

As president I will take steps so former president won’t have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process-Clinton-NAACP ON FORMER PRISONERS

Back when I was a girl, even though I was bright and curious and I had plenty of opinions of my own, people were often more interested in hearing what by brother had to say.. like so many girls across the globe I got the message that I shouldn’t take up too much space in this world. That I should speak softly and rarely–Michelle ABOUT HER LIFE

After Paris let’s stop blaming Muslims and take a hard look at ourselves–SALON

What I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or American winning–OBAMA AFTER PARIS ATTACKS

Our approach may not lend itself to a reasonably sized bumper sticker-JOSH EARNEST TRYING TO EXPALIN OBAMAS ISIS STRATEGY

I don’t think they’re gaining strength. What is true is that form the start our goal has been first to contain them, and we have contained them–OBAMA–ISIS

What the president was referring to very specifically was we had to stop their geographic advance in Iraq and Syria, where they were gaining more territory. We had done that.–BEN RHODES SPINNNG OBAMA CONTAINED CLAIM AFTER PARIS

Society has not passed this exam with good grades–OBAMA ON SYRIAN MIGRANTS AT THE G20

They come from states that used to own slaves. They come from states that the confederate army was pledged allegiance to..They come from states that the KKK and voters rights and all of those things come into play. CHARLIE RANGEL ABOUT TEA PARTY–RIGHT ASK ROBERT BYRD

I’ve read enough to know there is celarly a problem at the U of MO. I want an activist student body–OBAMA SUPPORTING THE MIZZOU PROTEST

Are they like ISIS trying to establish a Caliphate here? Yes, Yes that’s a very good analogy. without the violence obviously but yes, they are a rejectionist FRONT. TONY KORNHEISER-RE TEA PARTY

Ben Carson never going never my brain. PIERS MORGAN




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