WOW: Tim Allen Drops BOMBSHELL About What Bill Clinton Did to His Wife

WOW: Tim Allen Drops BOMBSHELL About What Bill Clinton Did to His Wife–47gh,b 43

Allen proceeded to share an anecdote about the time he met Bill, noting that the 42nd president seemed more interested in meeting his wife than him, according to The Hill.

“He was eyeballing my wife the entire time we were talking,” Allen said, adding “He really was!” when Kelly chuckled in apparent disbelief. “My wife’s gorgeous. He kept looking at me, but he was like, ‘How you doing? Nice talking to you, love your show,’” Allen said as he mimicked shaking hands in front of him while looking to the side and leering pervertedly.

As to Hillary Clinton, Allen is not as fond, sitting silent and staring blankly for an interminable amount of time after Kelly asked his opinion on the former first lady and presidential candidate.

Allen said Hillary Clinton, Bill’s wife, lacks the talent to be a comedian herself, responding with a long silence when Kelly asked if he was a fan of the Democratic presidential front-runner.“Did she actually bark like a dog?” Allen eventually asked, referencing Clinton’s taunt of the GOP last Tuesday. “Did I really see that? She doesn’t have a skill set for jokes.”

source-conservative tribune, mark hensch, meg kelly


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