News Digest from around the World–

News Digest from around the World—39h.,

Play Police:

According to The [Minneapolis] Star Tribune, two elementary schools in Edina, MN have spent $30,000 in taxpayer money for a “recess consultant” to “direct activity” at their playgrounds. The firm Play works was hired to “remake the playground experience into more structured and inclusive play time. Games are now led by adults “to reduce disciplinary problems while ensuring not children are left out.” Phrases like “You’re out!” are out. “Good job” or “Nice try!” Playworks executive director Shauna McDonald says the program is about “creating opportunity” to make kids into “incredibly successful adults.”

Need a Shrink:

And now for the Lib Nut-Job of the Year award. As reported by Climate Depot. NYU professor Matthew Liao advocates hormone treatments for children. But not hormones to help a child grow. Hormones to keen them small. For the planet’s sake. Even though there hasn’t been any global warming in almost 19 years. Liao is promoting in vitro fertilization to “select smaller children” as well as using hormone treatments to close the kids’ growth plates. “Larger people consume more energy than smaller people,” declares Liao. “It takes more energy to transport larger people … more clothes [and] fabrics to clothe larger people rather than smaller people. They wear out shoes, carpets … more than smaller people. So think of the lifetime carbon footprints.” You know, Dr. Mengele Liao, what’s even better than a small carbon footprint? No carbon footprint. You first.

Water Torture:

As reported by The Los Angeles Times, because “customers have done such a good job saving water, DWP will jack up their water bills about $1.80 per month next year, according to officials, to “offset a loss of revenue.” According to DWP budget director NeiI Guglielmo, we have no other way of recovering the revenue to maintain the system for our customers.” The eighteen billion gallons of “unsold water” — i.e., water consumers did not consume because they were conserving left DWP with a “shortfall” of $57 million.

source–rush 12/2015


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