Clinton Foundation subpoenaed by State Dept. watchdog over charity projects–

Clinton Foundation subpoenaed by State Dept. watchdog over charity projects–47gh.,b43


The Office of the Inspector General for the State Department confirmed Thursday it had subpoenaed the Clinton Foundation for records of certain projects that took place during Hillary Clinton’s time at the helm of the department.

The subpoena was issued last fall, a spokesman for the IG’s office confirmed.

The Washington Post reported that the inquiry focuses on charity projects that required approval from the federal government. Another focus is Clinton’s longtime aide Huma Abedin

The IG’s office declined to comment, as did Clinton’s presidential campaign. Abedin’s legal team declined to comment to Politico.

In 2012, Abedin was simultaneously employed as the deputy chief of staff under Clinton at the State Department and with the consulting firm Teneo, which has ties with the Clintons.

The news comes as the State Department continues to release emails from Clinton’s private server, into which the FBI is also conducting a security check. Word of the IG’s subpoena could complicate Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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WATCH: Bill Clinton Just Said Something Jaw-Dropping About Marriage To Hillary, He Might Regret it.

As former President Bill Clinton takes a more prominent role in his wife’s White House bid, he has already been the subject of headlines unrelated directly to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Whether health concerns stemming from his frequently shaky hands or a renewed interest in several the many sexual abuse allegations levied against him, the 42nd president remains a topic of media analysis two decades after his administration was in its heyday.

A couple of comments he has made during campaign stops on his wife’s behalf are now being dissected by news outlets and social media commentators. While the prominent couple’s marriage has long been fodder for critics who say it is more a relationship of political convenience than one based on genuine emotion, Bill Clinton did himself no favors by suggesting at least twice that he sometimes wishes he weren’t married.

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Clinton’s Exaggerated Wall Street Claim–81gh

  • Hillary Clinton exaggerated when she claimed Bernie Sanders “took about $200,000 from Wall Street firms” through the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The DSCC did provide about $200,000 to support Sanders’ 2006 Senate race, but a relatively small percentage of the DSCC’s contributions came from “Wall Street.”
  • In fact, the DSCC’s largest single contributor that year was Friends of Hillary — which was Clinton’s Senate campaign.

Clinton has been criticized by Sanders for accepting large donations and speaking fees from financial companies.

  • The DSCC did support Sanders, as Clinton says. In 2006, then Rep. Sanders defeated Republican Richard Tarrant to win the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the retiring Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont. Although he ran as an independent, Sanders was backed by the state Democratic Party and supported by both the state and national Democratic committees.
  • During the 2006 campaign, the DSCC gave $37,300to the Sanders campaign and spent an additional $60,000 supporting him in campaign advertising. It also gave $110,000 to the Vermont Democratic Party to help Sanders, making eight separate committee transfers (the last coming on 4, 2006).
  • That adds up to $207,300 — a little more than the $200,000 claimed by Clinton.
  • However, Wall Street of course wasn’t the sole source of the DSCC’s money in 2006. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the DSCC raised $121.4 million in the 2006 campaign cycle and roughly $10 million of that came from what the center defines as “Wall Street.” (That would include donations from the political action committees and employees of companies in two industries: securities and investment, and commercial banks.) That’s a little more than 8 percent in Wall Street money.
  • Clearly, Clinton’s assertion that Sanders “took about $200,000 from Wall Street” is an exaggeration.
  • In fact, the DSCC received $2 million in 2006 from Friends of Hillary in two $1 million That made Clinton’s Senate campaign committee the single largest contributor to the DSCC for the 2006 campaign. Goldman Sachs ranked fifth at $685,050.
  • By Clinton’s logic, Sanders “took about $200,000″ from Friends of Hillary

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