Hillary’s Latest Arrogant Wall Street Lies

Hillary’s Latest Arrogant Wall Street Lies; 81GH.,

At a New Hampshire Town Hall on Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton claimed that Goldman Sachs/Wall Street is not donating to her campaign anymore, implying that they know just how tough she will be on them and won’t support her anymore.

That’s a big lie.

That huge bonanza is still pouring in. Big time. According to FEC reports, Hillary has received $21.4 million from the financial and insurance industry — almost 15% of the total $157.8 million she raised. And she’s still trolling them for big money. Last week, she left Iowa to attend a hedge fund money raiser in Philadelphia. She has several other Wall Street fundraisers scheduled, but postponed them until after the New Hampshire primary. The optics wouldn’t be too good while Bernie is raising the issue.
It’s worth noting that Hillary has received a total of $41 million in campaign money from those same folks since she first ran for the Senate in 2000. And the money keeps pouring in.
Since 2013, Hillary has raked in about $3 million in Wall Street speeches.

The $625,000 Goldman Sachs Speeches

Hillary claimed that she took $625,000 in fees from Goldman for 3 speeches since she left the Secretary of State’s office in 2013 because “that’s what they offered.” For Hillary, it’s all in the family. Goldman Sachs Chairman Lloyd Blankfein is an investor in Chelsea’s husband’s hedge fund. Marc Mezvinsky used to work for Goldman.

And Bill cleaned up, too. According to the Associated Press, “during Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, Bill Clinton earned $17 million in talks to banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, real estate businesses, and other financial firms. Altogether, the couple are estimated to have made over $139 million from paid speeches.”

Glass-Steagall Act prohibiting banks from using federally insured deposits to make risky investments.  Hillary opposes reinstatement of the prohibition, which was repealed in 1999 when her husband signed the necessary legislation.

SOURCE– the hillarydaily.com, dick morris, eileen mcgann, elizabeth warren, nyt, william safire


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