What magic did Hillary Clinton, our former Secretary of State perform?

What magic did Hillary Clinton, our former Secretary of State perform? When she and Bill our former President left the White House she stated publicly that they were “dead broke”. Now she and Bill live in homes (plural) worth millions. Recent views indicate the “Clinton Foundation” could somehow be escalating their worth??? Favors for cash, insider tips, no it must be pure luck that everything she has touched has turned to gold. Maybe you could sell hiv tainted prisoners blood, pay them $7.00 and charge $50.00.

Surely the foundation can account for all the cash it has received? The Foundation was set up in Canada which does not require reporting donations from, for or why. Canada loves the foundation with no disclosure rules to follow – convenient isn’t it? So if they had to re-file their taxes for the last five years it may have been a clerical error after all “what difference does it make”?

The Foundation gives a whopping 10-15% of profit to “good works programs”. 85-90% is “needed” for salaries, expenses and travel costs. Not to worry though it is all TAX FREE!

Recapping: Registered in a foreign country, not subject to US reporting, tax free, foreign funds funneled through, favors for unknown reasons, unknown donors, questionable deals put together, private jet use, and billion dollar speeches given my Bill here and in foreign countries. Notice I have not mentioned the e-mail cover-up, after all “what difference does it make?”.

Someone wants us to believe “In Hillary We MUST Trust”! Just a true rags to riches story and the American dream???


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