If you’ve been to D,C, and visited the F.D.R. memorial you’ve seen the statues of the people in a line waiting for food.

Today there should be this same type of statues of our current Politicians standing in line, BUT in front of windows that read: Big Business, Taxpayers Funds, Donors/Bundlers, and Lobbyist!

Pre Ben Carson the current congress has a combined 8700 years of political experience and look what we gained from it?

In 2015–13 senators took office and in 2013-16.  How much experience do they actually have. Approximately 32 are lawyers.

Now  let’s compare their performance to everyday situation we face and see what they might mean to them?

Where did I leave my keys?–it’s like them looking for the bill they passed to finally read it.

Who was that I was just talking too? Donors, bundlers and lobbyist they dealt with from afar.

Where did I park my car? Not a problem in DC as all of the black SUV’s and limos all look the same, call your aide.

What was that ladies emails address?–Just call Hillary as she has become the email server expert of DC.

Constantly asking for senior discounts?–Why would they, there stuff is free!

Can’t remember your own phone number? Not to worry between the NSA and lobbyist they have it.

Where’s my glasses?  now that they found the bill they need to see it to read it.

Man it’s getting crowded around there, where are all of these people coming from?  What do you mean refugees in my town?

Did I take my pills today?  In DC it should be a laxative.

Experience is important, but if you’re a smart officer holder you surround yourself with smart, top notch people to advise you  and then you listen to them.

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