Politics: Hillary’s emails miraculously contained secret info ‘cut and pasted’ from classified federal networks

Politics: Hillary’s emails miraculously contained secret info ‘cut and pasted’ from classified federal networks–47KH.B43

We also learned that China and Russia probably had access to it. Now, because it’s a day that ends in ‘Y,’ Hillary’s email scandal has gotten worse.

According to the New York Post, the FBI is interested in exactly how such sensitive and tightly controlled information made its way to Hillary’s server.  The answer seems to be “her team ignored regulations and cut & pasted it into their emails.”

The FBI is investigating whether members of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle “cut and pasted” material from the government’s classified network so that it could be sent to her private email address, former State Department security officials say.

Clinton and her top aides had access to a Pentagon-run classified network that goes up to the Secret level, as well as a separate system used for Top Secret communications.

The two systems — the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) and the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) — are not connected to the unclassified system, known as the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet). You cannot email from one system to the other, though you can use NIPRNet to send ­emails outside the government.

Somehow, highly classified information from SIPRNet, as well as even the super-secure JWICS, jumped from those closed systems to the open system and turned up in at least 1,340 of Clinton’s home emails — including several the CIA earlier this month flagged as containing ultra-secret Sensitive Compartmented Information and Special Access Programs, a subset of SCI.

Basically, the assumption is that team Hillary cut the info from the two closed networks, and dropped it into fresh emails on Hillary’s notoriously porous system.

If the classified information had to be lifted from closed systems, doesn’t that pretty much obliterate the Clinton camp’s claim that she never sent any messages containing secret intel?

source–merman cain, secret internet protocol reouter newrok, hoint worldwide intel, niprnet.


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