Please, please vote for Hillary in this next election otherwise I might not have any scandals to write the paper about!

Please, please vote for Hillary in this next election otherwise I might not have any scandals to write the paper about!

For starters how about all of those foreign aid and dealings with Middle Eastern governments. The Iranian nuclear deal, can’t say Islamic terrorist, the recent terrorist attacks, ISIS, Muslim brotherhood, the Syria mess and Arab spring, Benghazi, His apology tour, blame American first, refugees from who knows where and our open borders?

His use of executive orders, recess appointments while in session, gun control, fast and furious, NSA investigations, drones, czars, tax cheats in his staff, FBI investigations, GAO spending trips. The level of service to the VA, gutting the military, close Gitmo while releasing terrorist back into their countries, generals who retired early or got fired, secret service parties.

The war on coal, energy bailouts followed by bankruptcy’s, GDP growth, stimulus, his climate hoax, increased numbers now on welfare and disability, waivers to the unions on health care. His pearl Obamacare, Acorn connections still in use today, increase in spending, the debt/deficit increases.

Maybe that’s why he needs so many costly vacations,

But with Hillary I would still have—the parade of the Clinton women, using Epsteins private jet for “special parties”, Lewinsky, whitewater, travelgate, McDougal cattle futures deal, the body trail, filegate.

Classified E mails from her private server, the Marc Rich pardon, Benghazi cover-ups, Huma her counselor, uranium one deal with the Russians and Giustra, Mena airport drug portal, Vincent Foster strangle death, white house property missing property, her Rose law firm advancement while Bill governor, and they go from the “poor house” to the penthouse.

Not to worry readers if a Republican wins they are fair game too and they will also be attacked.


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