Hillary’s Black Wall Shows Cracks

Hillary’s Black Wall Shows Cracks–47jh.,b43

In the Fox News poll of January 4th, Hillary bested Sanders among black voters by 71-20. But on January 24th, Sanders had closed much of the gap and trailed by only 59-27.

As Hillary fights to fend off the unexpectedly strong challenge from Bernie Sanders, the African-American vote is key. Blacks cast one-quarter of the vote nationally in Democratic primaries and caucuses and are heavily concentrated in states.

But the data suggests that Bernie is punching through among African Americans. As his campaign gathers momentum over Hillary’s dependence on Wall Street for campaign money and personal income, he is attracting more African-Americans than he had previously.If this trend continues among blacks, and accelerates following possible Sanders victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie could actually win.

Two recent developments have transformed Hillary’s email scandal into a potentially deadly issue.Yesterday, the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community wrote to Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to inform him that he had received “two sworn declarations from one [intelligence community] element. These declarations cover several dozen emails containing classified information determined by the IC element to be at the confidential, secret, and top secret/sap levels. According to the declarant, these documents contain information derived from classified IC element sources.”

SAP (special access program) is a designation that is even more secret than “top secret.” Fox News explains that “Access to a SAP is restricted to those with a “need-to-know” because exposure of the intelligence would likely reveal the source, putting a method of intelligence collection — or a human asset — at risk.”

But the fact that she also sent or received SAP material is an even more significant breech of intelligence protocol.This disclosure comes on top of the revelation last week that the FBI is now expanding its investigation of the e mails to include evidence of possible corruption at the Clinton Foundation and in the events surrounding the speaking fees earned by the Clintons.Together, these new revelations, both by Fox News, indicate that the danger for Secretary Clinton has escalated and that the FBI investigation is coming closer to home.

Chelsea Clinton debuted in the Hillary Clinton campaign by deliberately misrepresenting Bernie Sanders’ position on ObamaCare and falsely claiming that he would “strip millions and millions of people of their health insurance.” The sanctimonious — and scripted — Ms. Clinton announced that she didn’t “want to live in a country that has an unequal healthcare system again.”

Hillary is getting more and more desperate. Trotting the clueless Chelsea out with a hatchet in her hand is a sign that Hillary is panicking. She’s crashing in the polls and will do or say anything to knock Sanders. That’s typical Hillary.

The Clinton attacks led to $1.4 million in new donations on that day.

Sanders was a sponsor of ObamaCare and helped write the legislation. He has always been an outspoken proponent of a health care plan that would go way beyond ObamaCare (Just like Hillary was when she tried to pass health care).

To say that Sanders is dismantling these programs while he is replacing them with something much bigger, much better, and much more costly is a dirty trick. There was a hint in that Times article that suggested he might consider doing that—that at a dinner party at the home of a prominent Clinton backer last fall, Bloomberg offered a “piquant assessment” (those Times euphemisms!) of Clinton’s weaknesses, built around “questions about her honesty” and the email mess.

Somebody’s going to bring serious charges against one of the two major parties’ leading presidential hopeful in an election year?

But mostly it seems farfetched to me because I just consider it pretty unlikely that any secretary of state, any American in that position, would knowingly compromise U.S. intelligence-gathering efforts.

source–dick morris, eileen mcgann, the hillarydaily.com, nyt,


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