Muslim Violence Against Women and Christians Shocks the World… Again

Muslim Violence Against Women and Christians Shocks the World… Again 1kh., b3 78kh., b12

In Egypt, a Muslim man raped his toddler granddaughter, which led the little girl’s mother to murder her in an attempt to avoid a scandal.

The 59-year-old grandfather, identified as Faraj, waited for his daughter Merfat, 23, to go to bed before pulling her daughter out of bed and raping her in his room at their house in the East-central town of Sohag.

Newspapers said the mother, after discovering what happened, drowned her daughter in a water bucket to avert a scandal in the conservative countryside town.

While many (who haven’t been paying attention) may think that stories like this are not indicative of the entire Muslim world, usually, I might agree with you… but this kind of behavior is rampant across the Muslim world. (For example, read more about the practice of “bacha bazi” in Afghanistan.   Bacha bāzī (Persian: بچه بازی‎‎, literally “boy play”; from بچه bacha, “child”, and بازی bāzī, “game”) is a slang term in Afghanistan for a wide variety of activities that involve homosexual child sexual abuse and pederasty. The perpetrator is commonly called Bacha Baz (meaning “pedophile” in Persian). It may include to some extent child pornography, sexual slavery, and child prostitution in which prepubescent and adolescent boys are sold to wealthy or powerful men for entertainment and sexual activities.[1]

During the Taliban’s rule (1994-2001), bacha bazi officially carried the death penalty[11][12] but was rarely enforced. The practice of dancing boys is illegal under Afghan law, being “against both sharia law and the civil code”,[13] but the laws are seldom enforced against powerful offenders and police have been reportedly complicit in related crimes.

These “batchas“, or dancing-boys, are a recognised institution throughout the whole of the settled portions of Central Asia. the Mullahs to declare that dancing was against the precepts of the Koran, and at the request of the leaders of the native population, the Russian authorities forbade public dances during that summer.

The point, disgusting as it is, is that this kind of behavior is rampant across the Muslim world because the teachings of Islam (in the Koran and other religious writings) allow it.

It’s not just sexual violence against children that is rampant in Islam. Violence against Christians is also a continuous problem in the Muslim world.

Just this past week in Mali, three Christians were killed outside of a Christian radio station as they stood in conversation. While the men were conversing, a fourth man approached and shot them all dead.

The loss sustained by Christians across northern Mali amounted to hundreds of millions of CFAs, the local currency, as World Watch Monitor reported in September 2014.

“Christians and Christian communities are the most persecuted religious group on a global level, even in countries where they constitute a majority,” the report continued, “Offending, insulting and attacking Christians became almost legitimate and if Christians protest against these offenses, they are again accused of being opponents of free expression or of manifestation of rights of others.”

And it’s Islam doing the persecuting. (Only communist North Korea persecutes Christians as much as the Muslim world.)

“Approximately 100 million Christians are persecuted worldwide, making them one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world,” said an Open Doors statement announcing the report. “Islamic extremism is the main source of persecution in 40 of the 50 countries on the 2015 World Watch List.”

Nine of the 10 countries with the worst records for persecution of Christians have populations that are at least 50 percent Muslim, according to the assessment of persecution in the Open Doors USA’s World Watch List (WWL) 2015 and population information published by the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency.


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