Trump HUMILIATES Hillary With 1 Epic “War on Women” Tweet That Went Viral Immediately-

Trump HUMILIATES Hillary With 1 Epic “War on Women” Tweet That Went Viral Immediately–58jh

. In case you weren’t already aware — it’s not like the mainstream media mentions it breathlessly every 25 seconds — former secretary of state and likely Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a woman, and stands to be the first female in the Oval Office.

Clinton seems intent on driving this point home, as she routinely plays the sexism card on the campaign trail and has done her worst to revive the tired and failed “war on women” campaign used successfully in the past as a cudgel to smear the Republican opposition as misogynists.

. He is largely unaffected by Clinton’s shrill “war on women” hysterics aimed against him.

In fact, when Clinton recently attempted to shift one of Trump’s attacks on her as being an attack on all women, Trump quickly responded with a notice that she had better watch herself as she hurls stones from her glass house.

Trump is likely referring to the manner in which Clinton has handled the multitude of accusations and allegations of rape, groping and sexual harassment leveled by women against her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Specifically, Clinton has not only stood by her man through all of the accusations, allegations and settlements, but has also actively worked to attack, denigrate, humiliate and silence the many women who have gone public about Bill’s philandering ways.

To be sure, Trump knows the game and how it is played, and is more than willing to fire right back at Clinton and the media, using their own words and past actions against them — something Clinton and the media have not come to expect from Republican candidates.

It has been proven time and again that the media will attack Republicans regardless of whether they play nice with their Democrat counterparts or not. Trump is well aware of this, and has no intention of simply sitting back and allowing Clinton and the media to lob grenades at him when they are guilty of the same sort of thing they are accusing him of.

source-conservative tribune, breitbart.,


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