Climate Shenanigans –

Climate Shenanigans –21h., b38

In a recent interview with Politico Al Gore made a pretty remarkable claim about climate change: “All the predictions of the scientists have come true in spades, except it’s now abundantly obvious that they erred on the conservative side”.

Gore, who claimed that the polar ice cap would be gone in as t the polar ice cap would be gone in as p made in 2007.2008, and 2009.                 The fact is that alarmist climate scientists continue to do little to help themselves. For a while now, they have been vexed by why warming appears to have paused for 15 years.

NOAA released a paper saying the data actually show no pause in global warming and concluding that it was, in fact, accelerating. They reached this conclusion by “correcting” the previous data to show that temperatures before the pause were lower than previously recorded, and more recent temperatures were warmer than reported.

That’s because NOAA is declining to respond to the House’s subpoena and produce the documentation the House science committee is requesting. “It is a long-standing practice in the scientific community to protect the confidentiality of deliberative scientific discussions,” The idea that scientific process should not be fully transparent, especially when it’s publicly funded, is a bold assertion especially since the climate change community is still reeling from events in 2009, when hacked emails from the University of East Anglia showed climate scientists apparently colluding to deal with inconvenient data. And never mind that peer review is essential to the scientific process. Saying complete transparency runs counter to “a longstanding practice in the scientific community” is well unscientific.

Who’s being unreasonable here? Rep. Smith wants climate scientists to show taxpayers the work they’re paying for. Climate scientists and Democratic senators want to use racketeering laws to throw their critics in jail.

source–weekly standard (11/9/15)


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