Last week, the Obama White House moved to ensure Hezbollah’s ability to point 100,000 missiles at Israel. That’s not how they would describe it, of course. But it was the Obama administration—as U.S. officials are quietly letting on—and not Russia that invited Iran to participate in talks in Vienna to resolve the Syrian civil war. By doing so the White House legitimized the Islamic Republic as a “stakeholder” whose interests in Syria must be respected. But of course, Iran has only one interest in Syria, which is to protect its ally, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, whose regime facilitates the transfer of missiles to Hezbolla.

“What [Iran is] looking for is a Syria that protects their interests and particularly their access to Hezbollah.”)

From the 1983 bombings of the U.S. embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut to the Iraq war, Hezbollah has targeted U.S. military and diplomatic personnel for more than three decades.

You might think that the government of the United States has an interest in severing the weapons supply line between Iran and a terrorist organization waging war e against an American ally. But that’s old thinking. Obama an is building a new Middle East on the foundation of the Iranian nuclear deal, which foresees a balance of powers among for all the regional actors that will bring stability to a wildly volatile neighborhood. Everyone needs to be deterred, t including American allies. So as the White House sees it, including American allies. So as the White House sees it,    at Israel is a necessary condition of Middle East peace.

Iran has not changed its position—Assad will stay says Tehran. The Russians aren’t budging either— they, too, insist that the Syrian president isn’t going anywhere. The White House has long regretted Obama’s August 2011 demand that Assad step aside and has stated its willingness to let the Syrian dictator stay on for at least a “transitional” period. The White House strong-armed Turkey as well. enlisting Kurdish parties at war with Ankara into its anti-ISI5 campaign.

The other big change is Vladimir Putin’s military escalation in Syria. The administration had long argued that there was no military solution to the four-and-a-half-year-old conflict, only a political one. The reality is that Putin’s military solution has paved the way for a political solution, which the White House at least tacitly supports. It has no choice, really, since Putin calls the shots now. Kerry says he wants everyone who has a stake in Syria at the table, but the deck is stacked against those who want Assad gone, like Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Kerry’s goal in Vienna is to end the war. but to get Russia and Iran to agree, he’ll have to concede their key demand—Assad stays. Therefore, the administration’s role is to line up everyone behind Russia and Iran, to preserve Assad and thus Iran’s supply line to Hezbollah.

Vienna is evidence that Russia and Iran’s interests are in alignment—Assad stays. But it’s not hard to see why American allies are fooling themselves. for the reality is much harder to believe. The Obama administration has legitimized Iran’s supply line to Hezbollah. By bringing Iran to Vienna, the White House has legitimized           the Islamic Republic’s war against Israel.

-source–weekly standard (11/9/15). lee smith, anne paterson,

Climate Shenanigans –

Climate Shenanigans –21h., b38

In a recent interview with Politico Al Gore made a pretty remarkable claim about climate change: “All the predictions of the scientists have come true in spades, except it’s now abundantly obvious that they erred on the conservative side”.

Gore, who claimed that the polar ice cap would be gone in as t the polar ice cap would be gone in as p made in 2007.2008, and 2009.                 The fact is that alarmist climate scientists continue to do little to help themselves. For a while now, they have been vexed by why warming appears to have paused for 15 years.

NOAA released a paper saying the data actually show no pause in global warming and concluding that it was, in fact, accelerating. They reached this conclusion by “correcting” the previous data to show that temperatures before the pause were lower than previously recorded, and more recent temperatures were warmer than reported.

That’s because NOAA is declining to respond to the House’s subpoena and produce the documentation the House science committee is requesting. “It is a long-standing practice in the scientific community to protect the confidentiality of deliberative scientific discussions,” The idea that scientific process should not be fully transparent, especially when it’s publicly funded, is a bold assertion especially since the climate change community is still reeling from events in 2009, when hacked emails from the University of East Anglia showed climate scientists apparently colluding to deal with inconvenient data. And never mind that peer review is essential to the scientific process. Saying complete transparency runs counter to “a longstanding practice in the scientific community” is well unscientific.

Who’s being unreasonable here? Rep. Smith wants climate scientists to show taxpayers the work they’re paying for. Climate scientists and Democratic senators want to use racketeering laws to throw their critics in jail.

source–weekly standard (11/9/15)

Conservative Icon says that Donald Trump is the “Last Hope for America”!

Conservative Icon says that Donald Trump is the “Last Hope for America”!–58jh.

This is a betrayal of the grassroots and of the Republican Party. We thought we were electing a different crowd to stand up for America, and they didn’t. We’re extremely outraged by what Congress has done. Nancy Pelosi couldn’t have engineered it any better. I think the people are going to react by electing Donald Trump.”

Conservative icon and founder of the Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly, gave an exclusive interview to World Net Daily where she opined that Donald Trump was the “Last Hope for America.” Her comments came in reaction to the passing of the disastrous Omnibus Bill and Trump’s fiery response to the disgusting bill.

Here’s what Trump had to say about the Omnibus bill:

If anyone needed more evidence of why the American people are suffering at the hands of their own government, look no further than the budget deal announced by Speaker Ryan.  In order to avoid a government shutdown, a cowardly threat from an incompetent President, the elected Republicans in Congress threw in the towel and showed absolutely no budget discipline.

The American people with have to absorb higher deficits, greater debt, less economic liberty and more corporate welfare.  Congress cannot seem to help itself in bending to every whim of special interests.  How can they face their constituents when they continue to burden our children and grandchildren with debts they will never be able to repay?  Our government is failing us, so we must do something about it.  Who knows how bad things will be when the next administration comes in and has to pick up the pieces?

The only special interest not being served by our government is the American people.  It is time we imposed budget discipline by holding the line on spending, getting rid of waste, fraud and abuse, and by taking on our debt.  To do these things, we need a President who can lead the fight to hold Congress and the rest of government accountable.  Together, we will Make America Great Again.

She then added that the GOP had just betrayed the American people with their support of the Omnibus bill.

“It’s the worst kind of a betrayal because we thought we elected a bunch of good guys who would shape up the party. We had a lot of fancy promises that the Republicans were going to shape up and change course. And they disappointed us. Betrayal is an appropriate word to describe it.”

When WND wondered if Trump was America’s “last hope,” Schlafly begrudgingly agreed with the sentiment. “He does look like he’s the last hope [for America]. We don’t hear anybody saying what he’s saying. In fact, most of the people who ought to be lining up with him are attacking him. They’re probably jealous of the amount of press coverage he gets. But the reason he gets so much press coverage is the grassroots are fed up with people who are running things, and they do want a change. They do want people to stand up for America. It really resonates when he says he wants to ‘Make America Great Again.’”

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It’s not enough to condemn campus sexual assault. We need to end it.

It’s not enough to condemn campus sexual assault. We need to end it. 47j.

“I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault: Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed, and we’re with you.”

Hillary, September 14, 2015

An estimated one in five women report being sexually assaulted while in college. Hillary will fight to bring an end to sexual assault on America’s campuses—because every student deserves a safe environment where they can learn and thrive, not live in fear.

Thanks to the efforts of advocates and survivors, we are seeing the beginnings of good work around the country. President Obama’s administration has worked hard to shine a light on campus sexual assault.

Hillary will build on the progress that has been madeand take on the problems we have yet to solve. Hillary’s plan to end campus sexual assault is guided by three core principles:

  • Providing comprehensive support to survivors. Hillary will ensure that every campus offers survivors the support they need—no matter their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or race. Those services—from counseling to critical health care—should be confidential, comprehensive, and coordinated.
  • Ensuring a fair process for all. Too often, the process of addressing a sexual assault on campus is confusing and convoluted. And many who choose to report in the criminal justice system fear that their voices will be dismissed instead of heard. Hillary believes we need a fair process for all involved, whether that’s in campus disciplinary proceedings or in the criminal justice system. This includes providing all parties involved with notice and transparency in campus disciplinary proceedings, and ensuring that complaints filed in the criminal justice system are treated seriously.
  • Increasing prevention efforts. We need to recognize that it’s not enough to address this problem by responding only once sexual assault occurs. Hillary believes we need to redouble our prevention efforts and start them earlier. She will increase sexual violence prevention education programs that cover issues like consent and bystander intervention—and she’ll make sure we have programs not only in college, but also in secondary school.

Hillary has led efforts to address violence against women her entire career:

  • As first lady, Hillary supported the creation of the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women. She also cast a global spotlight on the issue in her historic 1995 Beijing speech, where she denounced violence against women as a clear violation of human rights.
  • As senator, she co-sponsored the 2005 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. Additionally, Hillary introduced the CARE Act twice, to ensure that rape and incest victims had access to emergency contraception in hospital emergency rooms. And, in response to the spike in reports of sexual assault cases in the military, she introduced legislation to make emergency contraception available to servicewomen.
  • As secretary of state, Hillary rallied the international community to take collective action to end violence against women. She drew attention to the use of rape as a weapon of war and spearheaded a U.N. Resolution that established guidelines for an international response to sexual assault in war torn areas.


How Much Land Near You Does the Federal Government Control

How Much Land Near You Does the Federal Government Control? 8jh

The federal government is looking to use the budget process to expand its ownership of land across the United States despite already owning three of every 10 acres, Rep. Louie Gohmert warned Monday.

Gohmert, R-Texas, said the government’s “massive” control over land has preserved less than 1 percent of endangered species and instead harmed individuals whose livelihoods depend on land ownership.

Called the Federal Footprint Map, it allows users to sift through the 640 million acres that the U.S. government owns today. Layers pinpoint where federal agencies and bureaucracies control the property.

The Bureau of Land Management, for example, owns 248 million acres, amounting to more than two and a half times the size of California.

Gohmert said the problem is not only that the U.S. has stripped an excessive amount of land from individual Americans, but has struggled to maintain the land it already owns.

“Right now, we are tens of billions of dollars behind on taking care of the federal land we have,” he said:

source–the daily signal, natalie johnson. louie gohmert,

Facts the Left Isn’t Trumpeting About Paris and Climate Change-

5 Facts the Left Isn’t Trumpeting About Paris and Climate Change–21lh., b38

Politicians and bureaucrats from nearly 200 nations are gathered in Paris for an international global warming agreement. In his opening statements, President Barack Obama claimed that “there is such a thing as being too late. And when it comes to climate change, that hour is almost upon us.”

In the midst of such self-induced high-pressure politics and the alleged immediacy of the situation, here are a few numbers to keep in mind.

  1. An Arbitrary Goal: 2 Degrees Celsius

The U.N.’s stated goal of the Paris conference is “to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius” from preindustrial levels. But as the Wall Street Journal reports and others have pointed out well before the Paris talks, many scientists—including those who believe we are facing catastrophic global warming—find the benchmark of 2 degrees Celsius arbitrary.

Professor of climatology at University College London Mark Maslin said, “It emerged from a political agenda, not a scientific analysis. It’s not a sensible, rational target because the models give you a range of possibilities, not a single answer.”

In other words, the entire premise of the conference is faulty.

  1. $100 Billion (or More)-per-Year Climate Fund

A major sticking point leading up to and during the Paris climate conference has been a Green Climate Fund that would collect $100 billion per year by 2020 to subsidize green energy and pay for other climate adaptation and mitigation programs in developing nations.

Only $10.2 billion has been pledged so far ($3 billion has been promised by Obama), but that’s already $10.2 billion too much.

World Bank Group vice president and special envoy for climate change Rachel Kyte said that “the $100 billion was picked out of the air at Copenhagen.”

Executive secretary for the U.N.’s climate change conventions Christiana Figueres has further admitted that the $100 billion is merely a proxy to win the trust of developing countries and that “we are talking here about trillions of dollars that need to flow into the transformation at a global level.”

  1. Amount of Warming Since 1998: Almost None

Even as global carbon dioxide emissions have increased, warming has plateaued. Most scientists would agree that the Earth has experience some warming over the past century, but there is little agreement as to how much is attributable to human activity or if warming is even harmful. An analysis by Judith Curry comparing five data sets of actual global temperatures found that all but one showed that global warming is on a break.

However, climate models have predicted far more warming than has actually happened in the past 18 years. If models have been unable to accurately project climate conditions ten years out, how can even longer-term projections be depended upon to make good policy decisions?

  1. Number of Coal Power Plants Planned Around the World: 2,440

A December report by four climate institutes found that far from decreasing in number, over 2,000 coal power plants are planned around the world in developing and industrialized nations. And for good reason—coal remains an efficient, affordable, and reliable resource to generate electricity.

It’s worth noting, too, that modern American coal power plants aren’t the plants of a century ago (or like the ones in China today) and can filter out 90 percent of mercury emissions and 99.8 percent of soot.

Too many politicians appear out of touch with reality, though. The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has suggested that “fossil fuel power generation without [carbon capture and sequestration be] phased out almost entirely by 2100” to mitigate warming.

To this end, the Obama administration’s emissions reduction commitment to cut 28 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 further stated that this was only a “pathway … to deep, economy-wide emission reductions of 80 percent or more by 2050.”

  1. Amount of Warming Avoided by the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan: 0.02 Degrees Celsius Over the Next 85 Years

The Clean Power Plan is at the heart of Obama’s U.N. climate commitment. But regardless of one’s opinion of global warming, the Clean Power Plan does next to nothing to reduce global temperatures.

Models created by the Environmental Protection Agency show that the climate impact of the Clean Power Plan is less than 0.02 degrees Celsius in warming avoided over the next 85 years. Meanwhile, it will be extremely costly to American families and businesses, and particularly so for the poor Midwestern states, which rely more heavily on coal for electricity, and the manufacturing sector, which is on the threshold of renewed growth brought on by the oil and gas revolution.

Obama has maneuvered to avoid Senate ratification of a treaty. But regardless of one’s position on global warming, the Paris climate agreement is shortsighted and a bad deal for Americans and the world’s most vulnerable.


source–the daily signal, katie tubb, mark maslin, rachel kyte, chrisitana figureres, judith curry,

Top Supreme Court Justice Signs Off On Obama’s Impeachment For Treason-

Top Supreme Court Justice Signs Off On Obama’s Impeachment For Treason–60jh.

According to recent reports, Chief Justice John Roberts might have signed off on Interpol to have Obama impeached on the grounds of multiple counts of treason.

The charges against our current President range from declaring war without the consent of Congress, to making several Executive Orders on gun control, to unilateral decisions regarding immigration, and many more.

According to a leaked document, Obama is guilty of the following crimes (that we know of): 

1. Used Executive Privilege in regards to Fast & Furious gun running scandal. When Government misconduct is the concern Executive privilege is negated.
2. Issued 23 Executive Orders on gun control – infringement of the 2nd Amendment.
3. Executive Order bypassing Congress on immigration – Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress.
4. NDAA – Section 1021. Due process Rights negated. Violation of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments. White House: ‘War on terrorism’ is over Thursday, August 6, 2009
5. Executive Order 13603 NDRP – Government can seize anything.
6. Executive Order 13524 – Gives INTERPOL jurisdiction on American soil beyond law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.
7. Executive Order 13636 Infrastructure Cyber security – Bypassing Congress
Violations: Article 1 Section 1, Art. 4 sect. 4,
8. Signed into law the establishment of “NO Free Speech Zones” – noncompliance is a felony.
9. Attempt to tax political contributions

10. Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Law – Obama directed DOJ ( Dept. of Justice ) to ignore the Constitution and separation of powers and not enforce the law.
11. Drone strikes on American Citizens – 5th Amendment Due process Rights negated.
Article II Section 2. The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.
12. Bypassed Congress and gave EPA power to advance Cap-n-Trade
13. Attempt for Graphic tobacco warnings (under appeal) –

14. Four Executive appointments – Senate was NOT in recess (Court has ruled unconstitutional yet the appointees still remain)
15. Obama took Chairmanship of UN Security Council –
16. Obamacare ( A.C.A. ) mandate – SCOTUS (U.S. SupremeCourt ) had to make it a tax because there is no Constitutional authority.

17. Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:–”I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
18. Healthcare waivers – No president has dispensing powers
19. Refuses to acknowledge state’s 10th Amendment rights to nullify Obamacare ( Affordable Care Act ) .
20. Congress did not approve Obama’s war in Libya. Article I, Section 8, First illegal war U.S. has engaged in. Impeachable under Article II, Section 4. Obama falsely claims UN can usurp Congressional war powers.
Violations: Article I, Section 8, Art.2 sect. 1
21. Obama has acted outside the constitutional power given him – this in itself is unconstitutional.
Violations: Art. 2 sect 1
22. With the approval of Obama, the NSA and the FBI are tapping directly into the servers of 9 internet companies to gain access to emails, video/audio, photos, documents, etc.

23. Plans to sign U.N. Firearms treaty – 2nd Amendment.
24. The Senate/Obama immigration bill (approved by both) raises revenue – Section 7. All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives;

25. Obama refuses to uphold the Business Mandate Law (ACA) for a year. President does not have that authority

source–american admin, american column,