Clinton Foundation Used By Hillary To Secretly Pay Political Hitman And Amateur Spy, Sid Blumenthal–47JH. B43 51KH.

What was Sidney Blumenthal hired to do for his $120,000 a year full-time salary at the Clinton Foundation during the four years that Hillary was Secretary of State? Was he hired to provide off-the-shelf intelligence to Hillary? And to trash her critics and possible opponents?

Blumenthal has always been Hillary’s expert on the vast right wing conspiracy and he is superb at stoking her paranoia and investigating and attacking anyone who threatens the Clinton orbit. He’s the one that spread the groundless rumor, conceived by Hillary, that Monica Lewinsky was an unwelcome and unstable stalker of an innocent president. Anything for Hillary.

We know that Sidney sent 20 dense emails chock full of cloak and dagger “intel” about Libya and Algeria to the Secretary of State. We also know that Hillary took Sid’s information and advice seriously and circulated his emails to her top aides in the State Department (after scrubbing Sid’s name).
What we didn’t know was that shortly after the Obama Administration refused to allow Hillary to hire Sidney, he landed on the Clinton Foundation payroll — as a full-time employee with a big salary and benefits. After Hillary left the State Department, Sidney was demoted to a consultant — he kept his salary but the benefits were cut. It was only a few months ago — in March — that he left the Clinton Foundation. Right about the time that his emails surfaced.

At the same time that he worked full-time at the Foundation, Sidney also worked for Media Matters — the aggressive pro-Hillary group headed by the wacky David Brock. In addition, Sidney was a consultant to a pro-Hillary PAC. He was a busy man — consumed with defending Hillary.

So Sidney was at Hillary’s full disposal while she was Secretary of State. Sidney’s claims that he sent the emails as a “private citizen” don’t sound too good. He may have been a private citizen, but he was paid by the Clintons.
Once again, Clinton is skirting the truth. Initially, when Blumenthal’s connection to the Clinton Foundation was made public, a spokesman said that he helped with “research” and “planning a commemorative event.”

It’s now obvious that Sidney was there to help Hillary in her political work. That’s not what the Clinton Foundation is supposed to be doing.

Blumenthal has been subpoenaed by the Benghazi Committee. Here’s one question it should ask: Did Sidney Blumenthal do any work — with Media Matters, for example, — to counter criticisms of Hillary’s role in Benghazi?

House Benghazi Panel Subpoenas Former Clinton White House Aide Blumenthal–48KH. B43

Congressional investigators have issued a subpoena demanding that former Clinton White House adviser Sidney Blumenthal testify next month before the U.S. House of Representatives committee investigating the 2012 attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

The subpoena, a copy of which was made available to Reuters, demands that Blumenthal appear before the House committee on June 3 to give a deposition. The subpoena is dated Monday but carries a notation indicating an unnamed deputy U.S. marshal served it on Blumenthal’s wife on Tuesday.

More than two years ago, a set of emails sent by Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton while she served as secretary of state were posted on the Internet by a hacker who called himself Guccifer. Blumenthal did not work for Clinton when she was secretary of state and sent those emails as a private individual.

The emails included detailed private intelligence reports on events in Libya sent to Blumenthal by Tyler Drumheller, a former senior CIA officer. Some of the emails were sent around the time of the Benghazi attacks on and discussed information Drumheller’s sources gave him about the attack.

On Tuesday, The New York Times published a handful of emails showing that Clinton had passed on some of the private intelligence reports to aides and other State Department personnel.

The messages show that at least one of the private intelligence reports made its way to a recipient who appears to have been Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya who was killed by militants during the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attacks.

The emails, part of a batch of around 300 messages related to Libya that the State Department turned over to Republican Representative Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi committee earlier this year, show Clinton herself tersely expressing interest in some of the private intelligence reports and skepticism about others.

People familiar with the set of Clinton emails turned over by the State Department to Gowdy’s committee said that the emails leaked to The New York Times were not a complete set of messages related to what Blumenthal sent Clinton.

In response to an email requesting comment, Blumenthal sent Reuters an article from a liberal blog accusing Gowdy and The New York Times of producing a “damp squib.”

Clinton Foundation Paid Blumenthal $10,000 a Month While He Gave Hillary Libya Advice –51JH.

We have been reading a lot lately about the biggest blemish on Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state: the woebegone Libyan rebellion. Clinton was the principle advocate for U.S. military intervention to help Islamist rebels depose strongman Muammar Qaddafi. The results have been dire, but President Obama made clear from the beginning that he was an unwilling combatant – hence “leading from behind” – and has probably been relieved to see so much of the blame circle back to the hawkish Clinton and her coterie. But now it is Team Clinton’s turn.

The Center for a New American Security looks like the foreign policy shop for Clinton’s potential return to the White House. Clinton helped launch it in 2007 and its leadership includes the woman widely expected to be secretary of defense in a Clinton restoration, Michele Flournoy. So it’s not just the ordinary wonk talk when the Clintonite group puts out a damning indictment of Obama’s policy in Iraq and Syria. Clinton herself previously blamed Obama’s inaction in Syria for worsening the crisis, but did so in an oblique way. Now, her foreign policy familiars are making things more explicit saying that the plan is “failing” and “misguided” but potentially “counterproductive.”

While the White House is pushing hard to emphasize the Iraqification of the war effort against ISIS and trying to prop up the Baghdad government and strengthen its military forces, the Clinton-affiliated group is calling for more U.S. boots on the ground and bypassing Baghdad with aid to directly help Sunni provincial groups. In a CNN interview this week, Flournoy, who withdrew from consideration as Obama’s Pentagon boss, said the U.S. has “under-resourced this strategy”
We see here the beginning of the next round in the Clinton v. Obama foreign policy feud. This will complicate Obama’s effort to stay the course on his ISIS containment strategy but also may expose Clinton to liberal anxieties about her more hawkish nature.

[“We’re fighting a politically correct war. We’re fighting a public relations war. We’re not really fighting to win that war.  And when you don’t fight to win against someone who wants to win, you’re not going to win. We’re going to lose.” Former Sen. Rick Santorum,

On May 18 the New York Times reported that longtime Clinton family associate Sidney Blumenthal was working with individuals who had business interests in Libya at the same time that he sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton what she’s described as “unsolicited” intelligence reports about that country. It’s also been known that Blumenthal worked for the nonprofit Clinton Foundation at that time. A Politico story now reports more about Blumenthal’s role with the Foundation: He was paid $10,000 a month for “full-time” work whose value was apparently questioned by other staffers. From the site:

Blumenthal was added to the payroll of the Clintons’ global philanthropy in 2009 — not long after advising Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — at the behest of former president Bill Clinton, for whom he had worked in the White House, say the sources.

While Blumenthal’s foundation job focused on highlighting the legacy of Clinton’s presidency, some officials at the charity questioned his value and grumbled that his hiring was a favor from the Clintons, according to people familiar with the foundation. They say that, during a 2013 reform push, Blumenthal was moved to a consulting contract that came with a similar pay rate but without benefits — an arrangement that endured until March.

For the record, a Blumenthal lawyer apparently denied to Politico that Blumenthal had financial interests in his work with the aspiring Libya entrepreneurs whose activities were reported on by the Times on May 18:

“He never got any money from — and has no continuing relationship with — Osprey or Constellations,” said Cole.

To recap the whole situation: In 2011 and 2012, Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, used an off-books email account to discuss national policy with a private citizen who might have been violating the law by participating in the conversation, who had a related business interest (though not a “financial interest”?) in the subject of his advice that he may or may not have disclosed to the government, and who was simultaneously employed in a questionable “full-time” capacity at significant expense to a nonprofit that has been accused of acting as the bag man for a Clintonian influence-peddling operation.


Reporters on Thursday granted Clinton campaign flacks the privilege of extolling their wonderfulness in the form of an anonymous background briefing. Reporters would be allowed to say that Clinton officials said their campaign was going just dandy and that the drumbeat of ethical concerns was pure piffle, but not report the names of the individuals who were doing the piffle touting. Why? We’re not talking about edifying reporters on a foreign policy controversy that might embarrass an ally. We’re talking about the spin and logistics of a presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Outlines Plans For Fundraising and First Big Speech

Staffers say they can win the White Houses for under $2 billion

Hillary Clinton’s campaign aides knocked down speculation that they’re aiming to raise $2 billion for the primary and general elections, saying the total they expect to need to win the White House is closer to the $1 billion that President Barack Obama needed to win reelection in 2012.

The $2 billion number has cropped up in occasional news reports but, as they briefed reporters at campaign headquarters in Brooklyn on Thursday, senior campaign officials said the dollar amount necessary to run a successful campaign is likely to be about half of that. And campaign staff said they don’t expect to hit the $2 billion mark even with the fundraising of outside groups supporting Clinton, such as Priorities USA. Clinton herself had previously said in a New York fundraiser that the number was an overestimate.The only concrete fundraising goal is to raise $100 million in primary money in 2015, one  official said. That number is on track with what Obama raised in 2007.

In the seven weeks since she launched her campaign, Clinton has mixed a handful of small roundtable events in early primary and caucus states with a dozens of $2,700 per person fundraisers on both coasts.

The ‘Old and Relentless’: The Clinton soap opera continues–

And it’s not just the Clintons themselves, though they are increasingly intolerable. It is all the grifters and charlatans and criminals who fade in and out of the shadows of Clinton World. Actually, they never seem to fade out. The Clintons are the Hotel California of politics. You can check in but you can never check out

State Department cash flowed to Clinton donors – WashEx: “Countries and companies that donated to the Clinton Foundation or paid Bill Clinton heavy fees for speeches saw an increase in State Department activity while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state… A Washington Examiner analysis of Clinton Foundation donors suggests the State Department ramped up its diplomatic activity, foreign assistance and/or investment in countries that gave to the Clinton Foundation and hosted Bill Clinton for high-profile speeches.”
State Department spending followed foreign Clinton Foundation donors

A Washington Examiner analysis of Clinton Foundation donors suggests the State Department ramped up its diplomatic activity, foreign assistance and/or investment in countries that gave to the Clinton Foundation and hosted Bill Clinton for high-profile speeches.

For example, months after Bill Clinton delivered a speech in Riyadh for a price of $300,000, State Department funding for projects and activities in Saudi Arabia spiked.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also donated between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, donor records show.

State Department funding for its diplomatic operations and projects in the country jumped from more than $18 million in 2011 to $67.75 million in 2012, the year after Bill Clinton delivered his speech at the Saudi Investment Authority, according to USASpending.gov.

Much of that appears to have gone toward the construction of new State Department buildings in the country.

The agency poured $177.9 million into building a new embassy in Norway in 2011 over the apparent objections of diplomatic officials in Oslo.

Norway’s government has donated between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Despite the misgivings by agency officials in 2009, the State Department awarded the contract for the Norwegian embassy to Walsh Construction Group on September 27, 2011. It was the construction company’s first overseas embassy project.

Norway teamed up with an arm of the Clinton Foundation in September 2012 for an ambitious health care project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is part of the State Department.

All but Sweden and USAID itself were Clinton Foundation donors.

“The US Agency for International Development (USAID) is proud to have funded the development of this life-saving product,” then-USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah said at the time.

The same year USAID announced its plan to purchase 27 million contraceptive devices from Bayer, which donated between $20,000 and $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation, the pharmaceutical company hired lobbyists with DLA Piper (itself a foundation donor) to lobby the State Department on “federal procurement issues,” according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

One month before Hillary Clinton left office, her agency launched an effort to expand the electronic banking sector in Afghanistan.

Citi, the Ford Foundation, Visa, Omidyar Network, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were each involved in the USAID-backed initiative. All five donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton kicked off a taxpayer-funded effort to bring health information to pregnant women around the world through their phones in 2011 with the help of two foundation donors — Johnson & Johnson and the United Nations Foundation.

The “Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action” initiative won an award for its innovation in 2012 after being judged by an independent panel that included additional donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Irish Aid, Ireland’s development agency, and the British version of USAID — both foundation donors of between $1 million and $5 million — also shared in the U.S.-backed project in Uganda.

there while Hillary Clinton was in office.

She even made Ireland the site of her final official trip as secretary of state when she traveled there to receive an award from one of her family foundation’s top donors.

The State Department increased its spending in Ireland from $1.65 million in 2009 to $2.96 million in 2010 and $7.48 million in 2011.

USAID also upped its support of Ireland, taking its funding from nothing in 2008 — the oldest year for which data is available — to $29.87 million the year Clinton came into office.

The agency’s contracts, grants, loans and investments in Bahrain climbed from $6.8 million the year before Clinton came to the State Department, to $7.1 million in 2009, to $8.9 million in 2011 and peaked at $11 million during Clinton’s final year in office.

Bahrain also enjoyed nearly $2 million from USAID in 2010, bringing its total State Department funding that year to more than $10 million.

USAID’s support of its operations and other projects in Jamaica crept from $2.8 million the year before Clinton took office to $15.8 million in 2011.

State Department spending in the United Arab Emirates rose from $11.57 million in 2008 to $16.79 million in 2012, peaking in 2010 at $21.18 million.

source–dick morris, eileen mcgann, the hillarydaily.com, newsmax, reuters, tyler drumheller, new american security, michele flournoy, nyt, politicco, james cole, charles hunt, sarah westwood, washington examiner,


And Another Clinton Scandal Emerges AND $26 MILLION NOT REPORTED BY THE FOUNDATION

And Another Clinton Scandal Emerges –47JH. B43

It seems that the news of impropriety has become never ending. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might have checked all ethics at the door.  The evidence is piling up that points to a State Department run like a rogues’ gallery.

One line from the NYT piece about Hillary Clinton‘s unofficial adviser from her time in office pretty much says it all: “While advising Mrs. Clinton on Libya, [longtime Clinton retainer Sidney Blumenthal], who had been barred from a State Department job by aides to President Obama…”

This is what many were concerned about with the emails.  We have speculated about the things that might have been going on, and whether or not Clinton had used a private email to keep just this type of thing in the dark.  This was a clear case of Clinton being advised by a person with a conflict of interest.

She defied the White House to keep an ethically compromised associate as a senior adviser paid at times through her family foundation – which was, in turn, funded by some of those whose interests were entangled in the issues on which he was advising Clinton.

As I questioned yesterday, who did not think that the Clintons were not above using their foundation money for their own personal gain.  Here is the proof.  Hillary was paying a man to advise her that the White House would never have approved because he was working both sides against the middle.

The Clintons tell us that their foundation and personal finances don’t and won’t interfere with official business – that they can keep the foundation going and thatBill Clinton can keep hauling in tens of millions of dollars a year to give speeches around the world as his wife runs and even serves as president. But here is proof that the lines were more than blurry in the past. Clinton knew she was defying the rules designed to protect the country from official misconduct. She did it anyway. The rules, she believed, did not apply to her.

This brings up what I have already said; this was done intentionally.  Hillary hid things the way she did because she knew that it was not above board.  And here is what shocks me more than anything.  Just twenty years ago, this would not have been tolerated by the American people.  We would have never stood for such deceit and backroom deals.  Democrat nor Republican would have sat by and watched as this woman continued to campaign as if none of this had happened.

Report: Clinton May 22, 2015 By Katie The Clinton Foundation fessed up Thursday that it has received as much as $26.4 million in previously undisclosed payments from major corporations, universities, foreign sources, and other groups, the Washington Post has reported:

Foundation reveals $26 million in undisclosed donations–47JH.

May 22, 2015 By Katie The Clinton Foundation fessed up Thursday that it has received as much as $26.4 million in previously undisclosed payments from major corporations, universities, foreign sources, and other groups, the Washington Post has reported:

The money was paid as fees for speeches by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. Foundation officials said the funds were tallied internally as “revenue” rather than donations, which is why they had not been included in the public listings of its contributors published as part of the 2008 agreement.

The Clinton Foundation website disclosed that, in total, the Clintons were paid between $12 million and $26.4 million for their speeches. A highlight of the foreign money:

There was one entity clearly associated with a foreign government that provided speaking fees, of $250,000 to $500,000 for a speech by Bill Clinton: The energy ministry in Thailand.

The U.S. Islamic World Forum also provided $250,000 to $500,000 to the foundation for a speech by Bill Clinton, according to the new disclosure. The event was organized in part by the Brookings Institution with support from the government of Qatar.

They included the South Korean energy and chemicals conglomerate Hanwha, which paid $500,000 to $1,000,000 for a speech by Bill Clinton.

China Real Estate Development Corp. paid the foundation between $250,000 and $500,000 for a speech by the former president. The Qatar First Investment Bank, now known as the Qatar First Bank, paid fees in a similar range. The bank is described by Persian Gulf financial press as specializing in high-net-worth clients.

The Telmex Foundation, founded by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, provided between $250,000 and $500,000 for a speech by Hillary Clinton.

Last week, Hillary Clinton revealed that she and Bill have made around $25 million in speeches since January 2014 alone.

Brian Fallon, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign, has said that the speech money was not disclosed while Hillary Clinton was a senator and then secretary of state because speeches delivered by public officials or their spouses acting as an “agent” of a charitable group in which the payment is made directly to the organization don’t need to be disclosed in the financial filings of public officials. However, Craig Minassian, a spokesman for the Clinton Foundation, said the foundation decided to disclose the speech money as part of its continuing commitment to transparency.

source-fox news, michael ware, conservative libery news, katie, washington post,


State Department releases first batch of Hillary Clinton emails AND EARLY WARNING ON BENGHAZI

State Department releases first batch of Hillary Clinton emails–47JH. B43

The State Department released its first batch of Hillary Clinton emails Friday, a total of 296 documents from between 2011 and 2012 related to Benghazi.

Another email in the batch showed Clinton received information on her private email server that has now been classified about the deadly attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi. The email in question, forwarded to Clinton by her deputy chief of staff Jake Sullivan, relates to reports of arrests in Libya of possible suspects in the attack.

The information was not classified at the time the email was sent but was upgraded from “unclassified” to “secret” on Friday at the request of the FBI, according to State Department officials. They said 23 words of the Nov. 18, 2012, message were redacted from the day’s release of 296 emails totaling 896 pages to protect information that could damage foreign relations. Because the information was not classified at the time the email was sent, no laws were violated, but Friday’s redaction shows that Clinton received sensitive information on her unsecured personal server.

Clinton Emails Show Obama Was Warned Early of Terror Link in Benghazi:48KH. B43

That’s because an email was sent by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — via her foreign policy adviser — just days after the attack informing them of that possibility, The New York Times reported

The Times, which obtained about one third of the 850 emails for its review, also said it found that Clinton, who used her private email account while working as secretary of state, did not receive classified information via emails. She did, however, receive “some” emails with information deemed “sensitive but unclassified,” or SBU.

For example, one email about a year and a half before the Benghazi attack, marked SBU, gave Stevens’ location as he and others were hurrying to close up business and prepare to depart Libya during the 2011 revolution which overthrew and eventually killed Libyan strongman Muammar Gadaffi, the Times said.

The SBU email, to Clinton from her top aide Huma Abedin, reads: “The envoy’s delegation is currently doing a phased checkout (paying the hotel bills, moving some comms to the boat, etc.). He will monitor the situation to see if it deteriorates further, but no decision has been made on departure. He will wait 2-3 more hours, then revisit the decision on departure,” the Times reported.

However, the very next day, on Sept. 13, Blumenthal sent Clinton another memo, quoting “sensitive sources” inside Libya, and saying the attack was planned for a month by Ansar al-Shariah, a Libyan terrorist group tied to al-Qaida, who had used a nearby protest as cover for the siege.

Both memos were forwarded by Clinton to her foreign policy adviser Jake Sullivan, and Clinton sent the Sept. 13 email  with the instructions to “get this around asap,” the Times said.

The Times added: “That information contradicted the Obama administration’s narrative at the time about what had spawned the attacks. Republicans have said the administration misled the country about the attacks because it did not want to undermine the notion that President Obama, who was up for re-election, was winning the war on terrorists.”

The 55,000 pages cover 30,000 emails from Clinton’s personal account turned over to the State Department, ABC News said.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-South Carolina, leading the House committee investigating the Benghazi attack, plans to subpoena Blumenthal for private transcribed testimony, the Times said.

Fox News also reported on a memo from the Defense Intelligence Agency stating that the attack was planned at least 10 days before it occurred, which, Fox said, poses a “serious disconnect” between the Obama administration’s claims and what U.S. intelligence agencies knew to be the truth.

“The intention was to attack the consulate and to kill as many Americans as possible to seek revenge for the US killing of Aboyahiye (Alaliby) in Pakistan and in memorial of the 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings,” the agency’s memo read.

source–conservative lioberty news, katie, marie harf, fox news, jakle sullivan, nyt, huma abedin, abc, susan

Jade Helm: Exercise, or Dawn of America’s Hell

Jade Helm: Exercise, or Dawn of America’s Hell?51JH. B50


Internet traffic is buzzing about Jade Helm, a U.S. military exercise scheduled to begin July 15 (but according to latest reports in June) and end on September 15. It is to take place across a number of states, especially in the Southwest, and involves several branches of the military, including the 82nd Airborne, Navy Seals, Green Berets, and other Special Ops.

There is broad concern that the drill will transition into the onset of martial law. Some factors fueling the alarm: (1) No drill this extensive has ever occurred before; (2) it includes nighttime activities, air drops near towns, and attempts to infiltrate and “blend in” with civilian populations; (3) the exercise is unlawful as it violates the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits domestic deployment of federal troops in civilian areas (section 4 of the Constitution allows it in cases of “domestic violence,” but that is clearly not the situation here); (4) the operation’s field map has labeled Texas, Utah, and certain Southern California counties as “hostile” territory – troubling, since these areas also happen to contain populations especially known as constitutionalist, religious, and/or patriotic.


Nor does the caption on the Jade Helm logo, “Master the Human Domain,” inspire confidence.

However, there is also a split over Jade Helm within alterative media, in particular at Veterans Today. Editor Kevin Barrett, whom I greatly respect as a fellow Truther, and whose radio show I have guested on several times, had this to say in a May 2 post, from which I repeat a few extracts:

The whole JADE HELM panic is based on one document describing the exercises. Nothing in that document suggests that exercises involving 1200 people are going to impose martial law on a nation of 300 million. . . .

So my sane-paranoid assessment of Jade Helm is as follows: Yes, there may very well be a devious plot at work, but it isn’t what you think. They aren’t going to use 1200 game-playing troops in a handful of southwestern states to impose martial law on the whole country. They aren’t going to lock us up in Wal-Mart. They aren’t going to lock down the borders.

Instead, Jade Helm is being used (and may have been designed) to inject fear into the populace. The tangible benefits of this manufactured fear epidemic include:

One of the best-known children’s tales is “the little boy who cried wolf.” Cry wolf enough times, no one believes you when the real wolf arrives. In the geopolitical world, there are real wolves: 9/11 was a huge one. Most of us in the truth Movement believe that, sooner or later, the Zionist-Luciferian plotters of 9/11 will try hitting us with another false flag, one big enough to take the police state to the next level and perhaps usher in their ultimate goal of world government. In the meantime, they’ve been trolling is us with “cry wolf” warnings of nonexistent false flags, hoping all the d Let’s start with what may appear to be Kevin’s strongest argument: How in the world are 1,200 men going to impose martial law on 300 million Americans? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

I consider this argument flawed. First, it assumes the government is telling the truth about the numbers. But the government often lies about numbers – for example, after years of tweaking the way it figures the Consumer Price Index, it tells us the rate of inflation is 1.5 to 2 percent, whereas the true rate is around 9 percent. It claims we have a rather healthy unemployment rate of 5.5 percent, while the true rate is over 20 percent. It’s reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984, in which the Ministry of Plenty spewed out falsified statistics:

Would the government also lie about military figures? Yes. In 2012, mainstream media reported that 22 Russian Spetsnaz soldiers were training with the U.S. Air Force. However, I have recently been a guest on Restore the Republic, a blog show hosted by Air Force veteran Kevin Blake, as upright a young Christian patriot as you’ll ever meet. Blake’s contacts reported to him that the actual number of Spetsnaz soldiers inside Fort Carson were between five and six hundred – more than twenty times the figure the government publically admitted.

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that the troops participating in Jade Helm were to be more than twenty times the announced number – i.e, not 1,200, but 30,000. Would the government come clean about that? Probably not, just as it minimizes other numbers to allay public concerns.

The Army “in Transition”:

In the May/June 2012 Foreign Affairs, Raymond T. Odierno, the new U.S. Army Chief of Staff, published an article entitled “The U.S. Army in a Time of Transition: Building a Flexible Force.” Here are some key selected quotes:

The need for U.S. armed forces, and the army in particular, to provide planning, logistical, command-and-control, and equipment support to civil authorities in the event of natural disasters continues to be demonstrated regularly and is unlikely to diminish.

In the future, it will be increasingly common for the army to operate in environments with both regular military and irregular paramilitary or civilian adversaries, with the potential for terrorism, criminality, and other complications.

In addition to combat of all kinds, possible operations in the next several years will include everything from helping victims of a flood to restoring order in a collapsed state with large-scale criminal activity, violence, and perhaps even un Control of criminal activity has traditionally been a function of local police. There is evidently a plan to supplant police with the military, who answer to the federal government. Allow me to suggest that the recent anti-police rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore, egged on by the mainstream media and to a large extent funded by CFR billionaire George Soros, were designed to produce this change. Local police, excessively portrayed as racist by the MSM, become unpopular in the public mind, and get overwhelmed by the orchestrated riots, necessitating military intervention.

  • A Jade Helm press release stated that “The diverse terrain in these states replicates areas Special Operations Soldiers regularly find themselves operating in overseas.” This explanation seems disingenuous. The U.S. army has been operating in the Middle East continuously for the past 13 years. It has had plenty of experience in foreign desert terrains. Why does it suddenly need the American Southwest’s desert to “replicate” what it already has had at hand Among the planned exercises, soldiers will try to operate undetected amongst civilian populations. . . “They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community,” said Roy Boyd, chief deputy with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office. “They’re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.”

There’s a serious issue with this. If Jade Helm is, as advertised, meant to train soldiers for overseas operations, why are they “blending in” with Americans? How will that help them blend in with foreigners? There’s a literal world of difference between Red’s Bar and Grill and a Syrian mosque.

  • Further affirming this self-contradiction is the army’s building in Virginia of a $96 million replica of, not a foreign town, but an American town, to conduct martial law exercises. Here is Infowars’ expose:
  • According to Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Jim Garrow, Obama has a new litmus test for retaining military commanders: whether or not they will fire on American citizens. This “litmus test” has been confirmed by former Navy Seal Benjamin Smith. Blog show host Kevin Blake told me that while in the Air Force in 2012, he received a Defense Department survey asking if he was willing to fire upon American citizens. Blake says the men in his unit were sickened by the survey question, to which they resoundingly answered “No!” He theorizes that the military may be using the answers to this question to determine the disposition of certain soldiers.

Here another former Navy Seal tells Infowars that he and his comrades were threatened with losing their positions if they refused to sign papers pledging, if so ordered, to disarm American citizens:

Here is a new news report that Colorado will see the state’s largest convoy since World II: more than 4,000 troops and 300 vehicles will be coming out of Fort Carson. (Whatever happened to “it’s only 1,200 men”?)

The Wal-Marts:

Mainstream media is heaping derision on anyone connecting dots between Jade Helm and the mysterious Wal-Mart closings. I will not belabor this issue, but any critical thinker can see that multiple Wal-Marts should not suddenly and simultaneously close due to “plumbing problems,” which, we are supposed to believe, will take six months to repair. A business is inherently interested in maintaining its profits. It cannot do so by prolonged closure. Clearly Wal-Mart has sufficient funds to hire plumbers to promptly resolve any alleged issues. The closings and “plumbing problems” were a complete surprise to its thousands of laid-off workers. Researchers have stated that the closed Wal-Marts are strategically located close to entrances for the government’s Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS). CNN Money reported in 2004 that Wal-Mart had received about $1 billion in government subsidies, so there is a definite kinship.

I think it logical that, in a martial law state, these Wal-Marts would make ideal army supply depots (the military would need resupply at locations outside the limitations of its current bases). We already linked to a video showing massive numbers of military vehicles parked next to a Wal-Mart. Here’s another relevant clip:

How Citizens May Be Targeted:

It has been reported that, in martial law, some citizens would be prioritized for assassination (thus the need for Special Ops to initially infiltrate communities unnoticed), while lower-priority citizens would eventually be rounded up and placed in FEMA camps. On the Alex Jones Show, Steve Quayle talks about the “red, blue and green lists” (and other significant Jade Helm information):

Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show gives a slightly different take on the prioritization of targets: that the “red list” will be veterans with the ability to counter-attack militarily against a takeover. Reinforcing Hodges’s view is the revelation that COUNTER Jade Helm operations are already being organized by patriotic veterans

Scenario No. 1: ISIS:

Then, in March 2013, Rand Paul filibustered against domestic drone strikes, and a Gallup Poll showed Americans overwhelmingly supported him. That same month came outcry over reports that the DHS was planning to purchase 1.6 billion ammunition rounds (enough to kill every American five times over) as well as over 2,700 armored vehicles.

But with the Obama administration already having played its “kill Osama Bin Laden” card, it needed a new bogeyman to replace him. Certainly, it is not my intention to understate the reality of ISIS, but do not Bunel’s revelations about Al Qaida apply equally to ISIS? Like Al Qaida, ISIS received U.S. financing and military training, allegedly to help overthrow Assad in Syria. Ron Paul made new revelations about this in his May 25 Liberty Report: Steele explains that every recent terrorist incident in the U.S. has been a false flag or government-induced, and that “Jihadi John” is most likely a joint Saudi-CIA production and “theater.” Watch from about 15:55 to 16:45.

Several ISIS false-flag events have been staged around the world to usher in a global police state, including Ottawa, Paris (Charlie Hebdo), Copenhagen, and Garland, Texas. Not one shooter in any of these incidents lived to go on trial; in Garland, the alleged shooters were dead just 15 seconds after the incident began.

Given the huge investment that has been made in conditioning the American public to fear ISIS, it seems likely that ISIS might be used to usher in martial law by staging multiple false-flags attacks, probably simultaneously, across America. It would be claimed that ISIS had gradually infiltrated America from Mexico (which would be credible given our lax border and immigration policies). And believe it or not, the DHS is bussing at least 100,000 Muslims into America annually (I’m not making this up):

Once “ISIS” launched nationwide terror attacks, the country could become a full-scale police state. Many Americans would be persuaded to accept it under the illusion that it was “for their own protection.” But the focus would quickly switch from ISIS to American patriots who resisted martial law. A few of those Jade Helm Specials Ops who “infiltrated” and “blended in” with the locals might even lead militias into deadly traps.

Scenario No. 2: Natural Disasters:

Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real.4

This had already been foreseen in 1970 by top CFR insider Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book Between Two Ages:

Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storms, thereby weakening a nation’s capacity and forcing it to accept the demands of the competitor.5

Geo-engineering is why we have seen a massive increase in the frequency and ferocity of weather disasters. The Illuminati know if they level a town with a bomb, people will ask “Who dropped the bomb?” But if they level it with a hyper-energized, directed tornado, people will call it “Mother Nature” or “an act of God.”

How could weather disasters figure in Jade Helm and martial law? First, let’s remember General Odierno’s comments on “the need for U.S. armed forces, and the army in particular, to provide planning, logistical, command-and-control, and equipment support to civil authorities in the event of natural disasters” and “possible operations in the next several years will include everything from helping victims of a flood to restoring order in a collapsed state.”

Weather disasters have increasingly become the federal government’s province. During Hurricane Sandy, I was initially stunned watching a news briefing at which local authorities turned the matter over to a Homeland Security spokesperson. I said, “Homeland Security? I thought their role was fighting terrorists.” But FEMA is now under Homeland Security.

People would not normally abandon their homes due to government orders, but we are increasingly seeing mandatory evacuations under weather-event pretexts. It is not hard to foresee a massive national disaster forcing large-scale transfer of populations into FEMA camps.

I personally believe the 2010 HAARP-induced earthquake that devastated Haiti (the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation, and thus “expendable”) was practice for a higher priority target: the independent people of Japan and the 2011 earthquake targeting Fukushima.

We have just seen Nepal ravaged by earthquakes. I believe this may have been a rehearsal for America in the near term. How convenient if HAARP targeted either the San Andreas or New Madrid faults right in the middle of Jade Helm. The public would then be told “how fortuitous” that the military was already deployed throughout the land to assist with “relocation” and “disaster relief.”

The Obama administration has an agreement with Russia to use their troops to assist FEMA during disasters. Some have speculated that the reason for using foreign troops in martial law is that they can be counted on to be far more ruthless toward Americans than our own troops would be.

Let’s remember that when President George H. W. Bush announced “the new world order,” he said it would be “ushered in” by the United Nations:

Scenario X

Other Jade Helm scenarios have been proposed, of course, such as a World War III “Red Dawn” invasion by foreign armies, an orchestrated Ebola outbreak, or invasion (or faked invasion) by “aliens.” But I believe the pattern of recent events most likely points to ISIS false flags, geo-engineered catastrophes, or both.The collapse of the dollar and economy,

Fear-mongering or Realit:

But the massive convoys of equipment are concrete evidence of concrete intentions. Information about these convoys, helicopter deployments, etc., is coming from concerned patriotic citizens. If the oligarchy was simply trying to gauge public reaction, they should be publicly reporting these activities via mainstream media.

The solution? As Zbigniew Brzezinski told the Royal Institute of International Affairs (the CFR’s British counterpart): “In earlier times it was easier to control a million people, literally, than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people”:

Remember, it was Brzezinski who wrote of weather weaponization more than 40 years ago.

What Should We Do?

First, I think we should be sounding alarms. Contacting legislative representatives and local MSM broadcasters – as unresponsive as they may be – could at least force a more public discussion of Jade Helm’s risks.

I also believe families who have loved ones in the military should share their concerns with them

Second, I believe we should err on the side of caution and be prepared for the worst. I am not a survivalist expert, but I think everyone would be prudent to try to be ready for: shortages of food and fuel; a government-engineered EMP (falsely blamed on ISIS, or perhaps even on Iran or North Korea), with its attendant crises: the electrical grid down; loss of cell phone and Internet access; ATMs not working, etc. If you haven’t already done so, please do some research and be prepared for an emergency scenario. And if catastrophe strikes, that includes our spiritual outlook and relationship with God.


May 29.  A new post at “Dare to Read It” says Jade Helm strongly relates to China’s demands on America. I cannot vouch for the article’s accuracy, but no one can deny that China is holding a huge amount of U.S. debt, or that it has been purchasing massive quantities of gold. The article claims that, as our gold is now depleted, U.S. lands held as collateral for China will be seized. The exercise’s strange name “Jade Helm” does suggest China is “at the helm.” The article says that in Jade Helm, militias will be tricked into firing on U.S. troops, and the situation will escalate, culminating in martial law and nationwide gun confiscation. Since Jade Helm Special Ops have been instructed to ‘infiltrate” and “blend in” with local populations.

June 3. According to this new post at All News Pipeline, a convoy has been spotted in Colorado carrying large quantities of razor wire, commonly used in fencing to prevent human passage, as in detention camps.

With ISIS psyops continuing, and chemtrails massively increasing, I suspect the following could be the intended sequence for Jade Helm: (1) During the exercise, staged ISIS attacks would result in troops being deployed everywhere, similar to what France experienced after Charlie Hebdo. . .

June 5.  Do you recall how last year, Obama strangely sent troops to Africa to fight Ebola, instead of sending doctors? It didn’t occur to me at the time, but apparently this was part of what General Odierno meant by the Army being “in transition” and giving “support to civil authorities in the event of natural disasters.” The troops were sent to enforce quarantine; i.e., impose martial law on citizens.

Also, you may have noticed that President Obama recently drew chuckles around the world by proclaiming climate change as our greatest “national security threat.”

6 Then on May 20, he told the Coast Guard Academy’s graduating class: “I am here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country.”7

This isn’t a laughing matter. The President was instructed to make these remarks for a reason. Linkage is distinctly being made between military action and climate change – more “writing on the wall” indicating that martial law will coincide with a geo-engineered event.

According to mainstream media news reports today, President Obama is considering sending hundreds of troops to Iraq. One has to wonder if troops deployed there this summer will be ones who answered “no” when asked if they would fire on American citizens. How convenient if “no” soldiers became cannon fodder for ISIS in a renewed Iraq war, while “yes” soldiers stayed home to enforce martial law.

June 15. Has anyone noticed the extraordinary attention being given to the search for two escaped convicts in upstate New York?

Granted they are convicted killers. Nonetheless, convicts have escaped prisons many times before, and on those occasions I don’t recall the media inundating us with images like these of a law-enforcement army. This looks like further conditioning of the public to accept a police state as normal.

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Jade Helm ‘Whistleblower’ Claims Texas To Be Attacked By Government In June – Interview With ‘White Rabbit’—51JH. B50

Some strange things have been going on in Texas since March 13, 2015 when news broke of the Jade Helm 15 operations to be conducted by the U.S. military from July to September, with Texas listed as one of the states to be named “hostile.”
Then there was a public meeting held by the military to address the concerns of Texas citizens, who did not believe much of what they were “officially” stating and made no bones about saying so. Then the Governor of Texas ordered the Texas Guard to oversee the operations.
Certainly does seem like “something” is targeting Texas and if the “Whistleblower” dubbed “White Rabbit” is to be believed, the attacks against Texas are about to get a whole lot worse and far more deadly.

The reason we have decided to put this out there now is that Project Camelot has followed up with an interview with a person they are dubbing “White Rabbit,”  because the person wishes to keep his identity anonymous for safety sake. This man is the person that spoke to the individual claiming to be a soldier that is trying to warn people what Jade Helm is all about.
US Military Confirms Jade Helm 15 Is About Infiltration Of America As Blue Bell Ice Cream Caught In Huge Lie :

Back on May 28th , 2015, in an attempt to debunk a story run on All News Pipeline called “Blue Bell Ice Cream Refrigerated Morgue Trucks Join Military Convoy In Colorado Weeks After Listeria Outbreak Shuts Down Ice Cream Production”, Blue Bell representative Jenny Van Dorf (979-830-2180) sent ANP an official statement telling us the fact that Blue Bell trucks were seen in the military convoy was ‘just a coincidence’. The videos below, 1st reported by the Fugazi Report, tell a different story.
we see Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks involved in the “Raider Focus” war games in Colorado, more proof that corporate America is lying to the American citizens as the United States Military prepares for SOMETHING HUGE in this country and as the 2nd video below clearly shows, whatever it is they are preparing for is MASSIVE as massive amounts of military hardware (and Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks) are seen on the streets of America. Additionally, we now have confirmation from a United States military representative that Jade Helm 15 is about the infiltration of America as shared below.  why would Blue Bell Ice Cream issue an official statement that has been proven to be a lie and what is the real purpose of these trucks that are taking part in this exercise? Aaron Wilson PhD recently had the opportunity to interview LTC Mark Lastoria of the US Military about Jade Helm 15 and what Lastoria told Wilson should end any talk about Jade Helm 15 being for overseas duty. Read this question and statement about Jade Helm by Lastoria carefully and then, lets have the United States military tell us that these ‘drills’ are about preparation for oversea duty. This statement clearly proves that Jade Helm is about the US military infiltrating America.:

In the 3rd video below from ANP friend American Contractor we learn more about the military rules and directives of Jade Helm 15 including the fact that they will be using live sniper fire and explosives and that the federal and local government and law enforcement are heavily involved in these ‘exercises’.:

Established policy assigns responsibilities and provides procedures for planning coordinating and conducting RMT off federal real property in accidence with DODD 1322.18
source-all news pipeline, aaron wilson



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Massive Convoy In Virginia; Chinook Convoy In Utah – Bilderberg And Jade Helm 15 Targeting Veterans As We Reach ‘The Point Of No Return’–51JH. B50

according to the Palantir Blog, there are now more than 21 million American Veterans across the country; men and women who have served America in uniform in wars including WW2, the Gulf wars, Vietnam and Korea. According to the 1st map above left taken from the Palantir Blog, those US Vets are now living largely in ‘sun belt’ areas of the US including Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Coincidentally, or not, many of those same states are now being targeted by Jade Helm 15 as seen in the map on top right showing states that have been linked to JH15 and, as radio show host Pete Santilli shares with us in the 1st and 2nd videos below, two Bilderberg attendees’ ‘Veterans Database’ from Palantir matches the ‘Jade Helm’ map as seen directly below, superimposed over ‘Veterans by Geography’ map, almost perfectly.

Beginning at the 2:45 mark of the 1st video, Santilli asks that this information be spread far and wide, especially amongst US Veterans, as we learn that two attendees of Bilderberg, Peter Thiel and Alex Karp, have created the database on US Veterans at Palantir that has so infuriates Santilli as he tells us in the video below. Why would Thiel’s database targeting US Veterans match up nearly perfectly with Jade Helm 15’s geography? Is this more proof US Vets are being targeted?

With all of this happening, All News Pipeline has also been sent a large number of pictures from our readers as seen at the bottom of the story showing military movements still happening across America. While reporting yesterday on what we believe to be a United Nations chopper convoy over the state of Washington, we were also emailed a picture of a Chinook helicopter convoy over Utah by another reader who shares with us that he’s seen these convoys for years but never in the HUGE numbers that he has been seeing lately. We’ve also received pictures of part of a 20 to 25 vehicle military convoy heading south on I-81 in Virginia as well as more pictures of Saudi ‘Civil Defense’ vehicles being hauled in Texas.

This next picture was sent to us by a reader in Utah showing a convoy of Chinook helicopters flying in formation north of Salt Lake City, Utah. Our reader tells us that there has been increasing activity across the entire state ever since Obama recently visited with LDS officials prior to a church semi-annular conference.

source-all news peipline, peter thiel, alex karp.

Jade Helm 15 & The 3 Step Process for Martial Law :

However, many fine investigators have garnered reliable sources who paint a pretty bleak picture for most Americans as a result of Jade Helm 15. Some of the topics covered with Dave over the course of the broadcast include the coming financial collapse, the fact that your money belongs to the bank, bank bail-ins, the MERS fraud, “Red-List” hit-squads and the round-up of dissidents.

In addition, Dave reveals that the Walmart closings are meant to convert the stores into “supply depots” for weapons and supplies. While referencing the Baltic Dry Index, Dave also lays out his 3-step process for Martial Law. First, food shortages, then food riots and, lastly, the population begs for Martial Law.

soure-freedom outpost, liberty brothers radio show, dave hodges

Jade Helm In Washington State? All White ‘Attack’ Chopper Convoy Seen In Sky – UN Choppers Are White! Why’s The UN Flying Over America?

In the excellent new videos below from MyKidsFuture and Libertys Champion we see what BOTH of our videographers call a ‘Jade Helm helicopter convoy’ over the state of Washington, both consisting of 7 choppers, and as one of the very astute observer clearly points out SEVERAL times in the 1st video, the helicopters are all white! “They look like Apache’s but they’re all white” we’re told by a second observer.

In doing a quick Google image search for United Nations helicopters, we weren’t surprised to learn that UN choppers are also white as seen on this linked page and in the photographs below. The 2nd video also shows 7 choppers over Washington state from a different source and from the word we have gotten from a retired US Navy SEAL source, they ARE likely United Nations choppers. With both China and Russia high ranking UN Security Council members, we echo the words of Libertys Champion in the 2nd video: This “is not normal and seems very out of place to me.” While we cannot confirm that the chopper convoy seen in these videos are made up of United Nations helicopters, we point you to the Seattle, Washington chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States of America. Coincidentally, or not, they were holding a board meeting on June 10th, the same day that the videos below were both taken.
source-stefan stanford, all news pipeline,

FBI Now Going Door-To-Door Interrogating Americans About Jade Helm Military Exercises

The answer should be obvious given the nature of America’s budding surveillance state and a new video shows just how far law enforcement officials are willing to go to protect the Homeland from anyone who engages in the dissemination of ideas that are counter to the official narrative.

As you’ll see in the footage below, if you show concern or are outspoken about the upcoming Jade Helm 15 military exercises, then you may be getting a personal home visit from the FBI.

If you’ve ever wondered if there is a main core red list and what it’s like to be visited by agents of the Federal government because you support the individual rights outlined by the U.S. Constitution, then watch the videos below. According to the federal agents who visited James Casale in Colorado, they are merely trying to gather more information about this Summer’s military operation from citizens who may have come across information not yet available to the FBI.

Since when do the people of America know more about a military drill than the FEDS? Almost never, so why in the world are the FEDS questioning Americans about their knowledge in regards to Jade Helm 15? The FEDS are as seen not taking any notes on what the patriot is describing, which means they already know all that is being said and the only reason for their visit is not for the safety of the citizen it is for the profiling of innocent freedom loving Americans.

But make no mistake, they did not visit this American because they needed more information from him so that they could look into the military exercises. Their prerogative was to profile and garner more intelligence about the ‘extremist’ views held by the man who answered the door. They wanted to know what he knew and specifically, who he knew, presumably because they would be paying those folks a visit as well.

The FBI and our nation’s entire homeland security apparatus is now implementing Stalin-esque techniques to keep tabs on dissenters

source-mac slavo, freedom outpost, freedom rfighter reports,

Obama Family Purchase Exposed to the Public-

Obama Family Purchase Exposed to the Public–15KH. B26

According to recent reports, the Obamas, in total, have spent just a smidgeon over $44 million on private family vacations.

As of March 2014, Obama has spent more time traveling internationally than any other president, taking 31 trips since assuming office in 2009. The 119 days spent overseas have cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

In 2010, Obama flew aboard Air Force One 172 times, nearly every other day. Just the cost of flying aboard Air Force One to Obama’s hometown of Chicago reportedly hovers around $180,000 per hour.

According to the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, beginning with the infamous New York “date night,” the Obamas have spent $44,351,777.12 in taxpayer cash on travel expenses.

source–daily mail, conservative post