White House Press Secretary Forced to Admit that Obama Lied!:

  1. White House Press Secretary Forced to Admit that Obama Lied!: I76.JH. B26

President Obama loves to say things that aren’t true. We know this. He often makes “facts” up out of thin air, only to have those “facts” be mindlessly repeated on the liberal airwaves. Eventually some hack at MSNBC or the Huffington Post will opine about how while Obama may have made “inartful” comments what he said was “basically” right… it’s maddening. For example, let’s take this little gem of a lie that he made up on the fly (I assume) during a speech he was giving in Philadelphia. There is no economic metric by which we are not better off than when I took office. And that is because of the extraordinary will and dedication of the American people, but also because all of you have done a terrific job. And I’m proud of you for that.” What I really love though, is when even the guys Obama pays to make his lies sound reasonable can’t come up with any way to defend him.

Which is exactly what happened to Josh Earnest after Obama’s Philly Flub.

Watch as CBS’ Mark Knoller puts the screws to Earnest by wondering if President Obama included our GROWING national debt as one of the “economic metrics” by which we were better off…

Can anyone even explain what Earnest’s first attempt at a response even means?

What the president has noted is that when you evaluate the deficit, and the deficit is actually fallen by two-thirds since he’s taken office, and the way that we measure that is actually the way that economists evaluate it. They don’t look at just the sum total. What they do is they evaluate the deficit as the percentage of the economy.”

Knoller couldn’t understand Earnest either, which is why he finally go straight for the throat when he asks, “Might you concede that the debt is not a metric that shows we are better off?”

Sadly, Earnest chooses to evade even that question by simply stating that yes… the debt has indeed increased.

I think you would concede, as I would, that the raw math shows that the debt had increased.”

I’m going to go ahead and count this as Earnest admitting that Obama lied for two reasons.

First, he admits that the debt has increased. Second, not even the President’s “yes-man” Earnest can say that the debt increasing is a “good thing.”

So, I say it counts!

Source-onan coca, cbs


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