A major fundraiser who defended a convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist will become the third highest ranking official at the Department of Justice, which is charged with defending the interests of the USA.

Tony West has been named Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division, making him #3 guy at the agency.  In 2009 he raised tens of millions of dollars as finance co-chairman of his first presidential campaign, was appointed to help run the DOJ’s civil division.

Conveniently omitted in the press release is that West represent convicted terrorist John Walker Lindh.

Holder knows a thing or two about defending terrorist when he was at Covoington and Burling represented more than a dozen Yemeni terrorists held at Gitmo.  He and others at the firm were  hired to provide the Islamic extremist with thousands of hours of free legal representation.  Holder also helped Clinton on the Rich pardon and is currently under investigation on Fast and Furious and this guy is heading up the DOJ.


God help us!




Obama vowed to spend $8 billion to help junior colleges train students for high-growth jobs.  
Jeff Joerres, CEO of Milwaukee based Manpower Corp. said the skills gap exists not just in silicone valley, but in blue collar jobs like electricians, plumbers and medical technicians, oilfield laborers.  China has a massive shortage of CPA level accountants.  China won’t be the answer either, it’s population is aging the fastest of all the major economies.
Companies today want to see demand before they hire people.  If it makes sense for them to have a footprint in Beijing, Bangalore or Silicone Valley that’s where they’ll go.
Companies were evolving their specific needs faster than people were evolving their special skills.
More companies don’t have raw demand pushing them toward growth.  They achieve growth throughout productivity and efficiency.  More student would be better off going to a trade school—clearly.
Parents want to send their kids to a college not a trade school.  We have bring honor to the  trades and technical schools so they want to go there.



Leon Panetta reportedly told NATO ministers that he thought an attack would come within months. (June and August). The Israelis have no faith that sanctions will deter Iran form its nuclear ambitions. Ayatollahs will see the economic crisis as an even greater incentive to develop their own bomb to help shore up their highly unpopular regime. Would Iran provoke war? Some Iranian extremists believe that an Israel strike would give Iran’s regime a surge in nationalistic popularity.
Hezbollah has 50,000 rockets and missiles in Lebanon. The Israelis estimate that in Gaza Strip Syria and Iran itself there are another 150,000 missiles aimed at Israel. So what do you think?

Article by Steve Forbes


Finally a win for the little guy–8 California civil servants challenged a forced dues for Politics scheme by an affiliate of the radical SEIU (Local 1000 union demanded members and nonmembers alike to pay). It was a forced “special assessment” that occurred in 2005 in which union dues to the Political fund was mandated by SEIU. The supreme Court ruled it was considered forced to make the employees pay for big labor politics. The union must now provide an audited breakdown of Union expenditures and an opportunity to “opt out”.
Guess who they tried to appeal the audit ruling to —that’s right the NINTH Circuit court of appeals.


Again pops up George Soros with funding to back the debate on Obama’s new contraception bill.  Media matters via Herndon Alliance is one of the progressive groups behind this drive. ($125,000).  And finally the US conference of Bishops have finally spoken out on an issue concerning the Catholic Church. 

Politico in quoting Celinda Lake a progressive strategist sees the republican reaction as a way to win women back tot eh party.  Lake used polling from communications Consortium Media center or CCMC.  The open society gave a $475,000 grant to fund CCMS –(Soros) And as part of the groups justice at stake was granted another $625,000.  and yet another $150,000, was provided to support CCMC which also gets funding from the Fulfilling The Dream Fund and guess who also funds them, none other than SOROS. 

There seems to be financial backing to get this legislation through—why—votes???



He has still failed to turn over to Congressional investigators evidence and notify the ATF that he has released Manuel Accosta, a kingpin in the illegal weapons trade of the drug cartels, from custody in return for a vague promise of cooperation which he failed to keep.

When arrested on 5/29/10 he was carrying AK type capacity drum magazines loaded.  They felt this was so serious that they brought in lead cast agent Hope MacAllister to question Acosta.  Instead of pursuing charges, agent MacAllister asked Acosta if he’d be willing to cooperate with federal agents.   e agreed and was released.  He was re-arrested on 2/2/11 and the ATF allowed 2000 weapons to fall into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels.  The Obama adm did not reveal the incident despite subpoenas that obliged them to do so.  He still has failed to turn over all the documents on Acosta detainment and release which were covered under a longstanding subpoena. 

Remember the fury over the Arms-Contra scandal—double standards


What is Obama going to apologize for next.  Currently it is for us burning Korans that had messages in them to their fellow combatants.  Where’s our apology for the killing of the US soldiers. What about  when our bibles were destroyed.  Where is Obama’s outrage over these murders of our military men.  No, he can only express his condolences and apology for the burnings.  Not only Obama but Sectary of State Clinton adds hers.  Then we have Panetta step to the plate and repeats the sorry sorry line.  A world leader no more –we cower to everybody these days